Tuesday, 11 November 2014

DIYDS (Do It Your Damn Self)

Rustic looking table decorations / centrepieces. 
It is my engagement party on the weekend and we are having a 'rustic/vintage' theme. This will also be the theme of the wedding. I am making the majority of the decorations myself and have come up with these adorable centrepiece / table weight / decorations. 

To make them, it only took 1 hour for everything and that made 6 individual jars. These are so simple and things can be swapped out and changed or added to suit whatever needs you might have. 


Plants: Here I am using dried lavender and I'm not sure what this other thing is called. It is found growing in national parks and along the beach. As a child, my brother, sister and I would play with these and sing this song/poem (thats why we called the plants - pussy cat tails - even though they look more like rabbit tails) so I really wanted to incorporate them into the decoration somewhere. - eventually I think there will be some in my bridal bouquet.

You could also use any dried flower/weed I think thistle and wheat would look beautiful or even flowers native to your area. The possibilities are endless. 

Container and Filler: Here I'm filling mine with sand (that I stole from the beach by my sisters house) and these cute glass 'milk bottles' I picked up for $6 (for the six of them). You could use coloured sand, even fine gravel or dirt if you wanted, again the possibilities are endless. The vessel you use doesn't have to be a 'milk bottle' either. Different shaped jam jars or mason jars would be perfect too! Use what you have around you or something that means something to you to make it that extra bit personal. I used sand and these plants because I spent my childhood on the beach playing with these plants and there was always lavender growing at my house.

Use things that tell your story. Or just things you like the look of. (;

The 'Band' and 'Tie': Here the band I'm making out of some scrap hessian / burlap but you could use some brown paper (from the old school lunch bags) or a thick piece of ribbon to fit your colour theme. Fabric, lace again endless options and possibilities. The tie I'm using here is a thin piece of ribbon, that fits my colour theme of 'lavender and peach' (hence the lavender also in the jar). You could also use twine, string, lace, wool, wire. Possibilities.. Endless..

Also you'll need some PVA (Wood Glue, Craft Glue) Glue to adhere the band to the vessel. (hessian to the glass bottle) I made sure it was secure by tying the ribbon around it while it was still a bit wet to make sure it wasn't going to fall off later.

These are the things that I used, but of course this is all open to imagination!

Putting these together is the easiest thing. Firstly you can attach your band and tie. Make sure to measure and cut them to the right length. Depending on what you're using, it'll be different. But remember, measure twice and cut once. Don't forget that if you're tying a bow with your tie to allow that length when you're measuring and cutting. Once the band and tie are secured you can fill your jar with the sand/dirt/gravel etc. I recommend using a funnel and spoon. The sand got everywhere before I decided to use this. Learn from me. Once you've filled it up to the desired amount, you can start placing your plants in. Arrange however you like. Once the glue is all dry and everything is in place, you're DONE! It really is so simple!

I hope you try this DIYDS out and if you do, please share a photo of it. Comment down below if you'd like to see any more of my DIYDS engagement party decorations.

Happy crafting! X


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