Thursday, 20 November 2014

Makeup of the day.

'Burgundy Smokey Eye and Dark Wine Lips'

So I posted this photo on The Makeup Social app. And got a little bit of attention on it. Which made me wonder why I didn't think to do a blog post on it initially!

This will just be a short run through of the products I used to achieve this look - I wont be writing about foundation because my skin type is going to be different to yours and I'm sure you all have your favourite ways of doing your foundation. 

If you'd like to know the products I used - Keep on reading (;

Eyes: For the eye makeup in this look, I used my new Models Prefer Palette which I gave a 'brief yet in depth' review in my last post my 'Priceline Haul'. So read that if you'd like to know more about the palette, but of course you can use whatever you have that look similar. 
Over the entire lid I used a shimmery peach (1st colour - right side)
Blending into the crease and outer corner I used a shimmery burgundy (2nd colour - right side)
In the crease blending the two together I used a matte chocolate brown (3rd colour - right side)
 I liked the top and bottom lash-line with a brown pencil liner and used the 'They're Real' mascara from benefit. For a brightening touch, use a shimmery white or gold in the inner corner of the eyes. 

Lips: For the lips in this look I used one of my favourite dark lipsticks from 'Australis' from their 'Colour Inject' line its in the shade 'Grunge'. I was going to leave it at that, but wanted to bring a bit of red to it. Because 'Grunge' is a very dark colour going towards a brown, I wanted a splash of vibrant colour on my lips. So I put over the top the L'oréal Glam Matte Gloss (also mentioned in the post below) in the shade - 513 'Zip It Rouge'. 

I think this is a perfect look for Autumn/Fall (too bad its Spring at the moment) and I can't wait to get back into dark lipsticks when the seasons change. 

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