Saturday, 14 June 2014

Getting a tan..

Summer Tan?

Ok, in Australia right now its winter. -_- yay. BUT because I like to go against the grain, I put together a little group of things I love for the summer! Hopefully if someone reads this where the sun is out in full shine, it'll be some help or inspiration to you. What started this, I hear you all ask so eagerly.. Well, children, sit back and let me explain it to you..

I'm poor. The end. 

I'm poor, I need a job, I saw a place advertised at a store that sells handbags and purses etc, this store is one of my favourite places to get these such things and I've been shopping in these stores for years, so, I went in and applied. I was nervous and didn't want to burst in there all guns blazing and slam my resume down on the counter and demand they hire me… instead, I moseyed around the store a little looking at the purses. I've been wanting a new purse for a while now. So when I saw that this particular one was $24.00 down from $50.00 I thought, why not? So I went up to the counter bought it and casually enquired about the position and went from there..

This is the purse I bought..

Front: Design and Gold accents.
Inside: Plenty of card space and ample
space for coins and notes (probably
going to be filled with receipts)

The brand is MARIKAI and it is in the colour 'camel'. I fell in love with the gorgeous cutout 'lace' pattern on the front of it
Close up of 'cutout' detail

One of the things I really like is the shape of it, whilst some people may think its bulky, I like it because it already has room for all that annoying change I'm going to inevitably accumulate. 

So this got me thinking, when I'd just walked out of the store with it, I thought, "hmm, its not a very winter looking purchase, now is it?!" (firstly, it totally is, you just have to style it right) and then THAT got me thinking, maybe I'll just put together a little summer mini accessories look book kinda thing and see what I come up with… so here it is.

Gold lacey cutout 'colar' necklace.

 These two necklaces, I love. I wear the top one all year round, because its gorgeous. The bottom one I mainly wear in summer though, I like to wear it with a blue 'tie die'-ish maxi dress with a lot of gold bangles and bracelets up my arm. I feel like if 'Esmerelda' from the 'Hunchback' was mixed with 'Helen of Troy'
Gold pendant. White beads and blue accent.
"Grecian" tribal necklace.

My clever mother made this.
I like summery, light weight, dangly bracelets as well as simple ones. My very talented mum, made this for me, and I can't wait until it is actually summer here for me to wear it. 

Gold pyramid studs.

These studs were in a pack of 6, I got them when I was in Barcelona I think. I bought them from Primark / Penny's and those stores are all over the world (except for Australia and it makes me so mad) These cute studs, because of the cut out in them, add a nice little bit of detail and brighten up what are basically, plain studs. 

Silver heart ring.
Gold, Amber and cream enamel ring.

    The heart ring is one of those accent rings and I wear it on my     index finger. The other is a statement ring and I wear it on any finger really. It depends on if I have other jewellery. 

The title of this is called 'Getting a tan' because, thats generally what one does in summer, however, I do not tan very well, so instead of getting one from the sun, I go out and purchase many items of the tan colour and get me one that way. Such as this little bag. It did come with a detachable long strap, but I've taken it off for the white because I use this more as a little makeup bag at the moment rather than a handbag. Its great, cost me $20.00 from Kmart and its just what I need. 

 This next thing I also purchased yesterday and I think it is very good for summer, it is of course a candle. 

The scent, as you can see, is Lemongrass and Ginger. It smells divine! I picked it up from 'Spotlight' in the "homey, smelly, candley" section, for $19.00 I think, it is quite large and I cant wait to light it, at the moment I have it sitting in my room with the lid off as an 'air freshner' and it is doing the job just fine. Thats one of my favourite little life hacks. 

And last but not least for this little summery themed post is something that everyone needs! (especially if you're in Australia)

 Sunglasses! I picked these guys up when I was in Barcelona (it seems all I did there was shop). You can find this style of sunnies anywhere. They were very in-expensive but they do the job just fine!

So that brings me to the end of another post. Not sure what this one was really about, but hey, now you can see things that I have. Thats gotta count for something right?

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world. 



  1. lacey neckless is soooooo beautyfull ! I have the same sunglasses :P

    1. I love it! It goes with everything, I wear it all the time!

      The sunglasses are great, the suit everyone! (: