Sunday, 15 June 2014

Makeup, Outfit and Mini Review


Hey, so here is another photo of my face, I'm about to tell you the things I have on it, so stay tuned if you're interested. 

Today is my 'lets leave the house and do things because I don't want to stay in the house and do all the things that I have to do' day. I have these often. 
So, I slapped a bunch of products on my face and with a sassy feeling and a strange yet familiar craving for sushi, I left the house. 

I don't really have a foundation 'routine' when I get one, I'll do a post on that. I feel like I don't know enough about foundations to really review them. (TBH I don't know enough about anything to really 'review' them)

Lets get into it. 


Don't mind the clothes all over the floor, they're just victims of the battle that is every day life. 
This is what I wore today. Pretty basic, but I liked it. 

Eyeliner and mascara are the same as usual, Bourjois products for both, there is another post describing them so I won't go into it. 
For eyeshadow, I did't want anything at all really, but I didn't want nothing, so I decided to use two products by ALMAY. Almay is a brand for sensitive skin, now my skin isn't super sensitive, but around my eye area it can be, also, I like these colours. 

L-R: Crème Brûlée (shade 125) and Cashmere (shade 155)
They're super sheer, but very pretty, I didn't use any primer, but when I do, the colours stand out more. 
The packaging is super cute, they're compact and portable, and I enjoy them.

For lips today, because its nice and cold outside, I decided to go with a nice deep/dark red colour. Todays victim is by RIMMEL LONDON.  This is from the Moisture Renew range, I have a few from this range, and I'm quite happy with them. 
This particular one is in the shade 330 - 'Sloane's Plum' I'm not sure who Sloane is, but she has excellent taste in colour. 
The product stays true to its name, it is very moisturising. The product glides on very nicely and doesn't feel 'gloopy' like some lipsticks can. It has very nice coverage and lasts a while. I have had mine on 5ish hours, and in that time, I've been talking non stop, drinking (ice tea) and gorging myself on sushi and it seemed to last, It wasn't as vibrant, it did wear a bit, but the colour turned into more of a lip stain by the end of it. I don't mind when a product comes off after you've eaten something, its when it comes off for no reason at all, I have an issue. Another good thing was that whilst I was eating, the lipstick didn't turn grainy or anything from crumbs or food residue (one of my pet hates)
All in all, a good product, I can't remember how much it cost but knowing me, I probably got it on sale anyway. 

Before and After shot:

L - R: Before and after. 
Top Left: Full face of makeup, before leaving the house.
Bottom Left: Lips just before leaving the house.
Top Right: Full face of makeup, just as I returned home.
Bottom Right: Lips, just as I returned home, after 5ish hours of life and eating and drinking. 

And there you have it! I also went to Priceline today, because I had a $5.00 off coupon that I just had to use, so I'll show you all what I bought in the next post. Either today or tomorrow. 



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