Thursday, 16 July 2015

June Favourites

July is well underway and again I'm late with the 'Favourites' post. I've been home sick for the past week that I've just not had the energy for anything. But I filmed and edited it and now I'm up for writing the blog post! There are only a few and I'm going to keep this post short, so I'll just get right to it!

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Chi Chi Mattes Palette: This was an honourable mention last month, so I felt because I still love it and I've been using it a tonne anyway I should include it in this months edition of my favourites! I use the middle shade (the dark, dark brown one) for my eyebrows everyday and its my current fave product for my brows. The shade next to it and the following two are my favourite transition shades. The middle of the three is a peachy pink / salmon colour (The photo is making it more orange toned) and I love that for really transitioning the crease colour out and up, for the crease colour I use the camel/tan brown colour (right next to the khaki green), its one of my favourite colours for defined crease work. The first of the three 'transition' shades is great for a subtle brown bone highlight. I also love using the green and the blue for some interesting matte looks. All in all its a great all matte palette!

Savvy Long Lasting Eyeliner: This eyeliner is in the shade Starling and firstly, what an absolutely gorgeous shade. It is such a pretty blue colour and secondly, I LOVE USING THIS! I think this is a fabulous way to incorporate colour into a look with out being "too over the top" even though, I love colour! The staying power on these eyeliners is incredible. It literally wont move, it dries fast and doesn't budge. The application is a little tricky - like most liquid liners but not impossible - obviously. There are other colours in the range - I have the gold, white, purple and blue and I use them a lot. They're very cheap and I recommend them to everyone!

Nude by Nature brush: The brush has no 'official' name - well not written on it anyway. I picked up this brush in a set from Priceline and I use it (the set) all the time. I thought I'd lost this brush a while back, so in my current 'de clutter and clean' mood I've had I was searching through and getting rid of old makeup etc I found it again. I use this for crease work and blending. It is so soft, and perfect for defining the crease and placing transition shades. If you get the chance pick up Nude by Nature brushes from your local Priceline. You won't be disappointed.

Australis Cosmetics Double Decker: I'm not sure if they still make these or not, so I'm sorry if you cant find it. I've been using this product like made recently. This one in particular has a copper pigment underneath the gel/cream base. I have been using it on its own for a soft look and also I've been using it with another favourite of mine….

MAC Cosmetics Fix+: I love this stuff. I don't use it as a face mist so much as adding it with pigments and eyeshadows to give them more umph! I've been spraying my brush then dipping it into the Australis pigment for a more intense look. It gives the colours so much more shine and a real 'foiled' finish which is super on trend at the moment. For a MAC product, I think its really well priced too! I think this is a staple everyone should have in their collection.

Rimmel London Sandaleyes XXTREME Mascara: Besides the wordy name, I've been really digging this mascara! Its wand is the most impressive part. It is one of the rubber / silicone type brushes which I really like, but the interesting thing is that it is good for both length AND volume which is something I think a lot of people will like. The only downside to this mascara is that it can clump quite quickly if you apply too much of it - which you shouldn't need to. It doesn't flake off my lashes either and the formula is not too runny so I didn't need to do the typical 'open and wait a week' like I have to with most mascaras. It is a very black mascara and I'm really enjoying it!

So there you go you beautiful people! Those were my favourites. I hope that the next ones will be on time… Probably not though. (;

If you've tried any of these products let me know in the comments and tell me what your favourites have been and I hope to check them out!

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  1. I still haven't tried any of the Chi Chi palettes! But everytime I see them I want to pick one up. We only stock them at Farmers in New Zealand, and I think they're about $30 each?? It's so frustrating that drugstore makeup is so expensive here!

    1. I'm only recently getting into Chi Chi and I must say the price is a bit much for drugstore products. I get them from Target when they're on sale. Look out for a 'Dynamic Duo' sets where they sell two together. My favourite Chi Chi palettes are the 'Mattes' and 'Bronzes' and they sell them in a duo set. If you cant find them in store, head to the Chi Chi website and have a suss there. (: Xx