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Seasonal Lipsticks:

Autumn & Winter

I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this post for a while now and I wasn't going to do it. Then a few factors came into play like me finally organising my makeup and getting sufficient storage and the weather getting super cold that I decided that it'd be a fun post to do. Maybe turn it into a little series that I keep updating as the seasons change. 

So as I said, I recently organised my makeup. I bought a small acrylic (ish? not sure if real acrylic) lipstick holder. It is not even close to being the size I need to hold all of my lipsticks but I've wanted a little display lippy holder for a while (for the specific reason to hold my seasonal colours) and I snagged this one up for $7.00AUD at the Reject Shop.

There are a few other compartments in the lipstick holder that I put other lip products in and some things that would just clutter up my vanity, such as bobby pins and my beauty sponge.
So as you can see, there are a fair few lip products that I like to use when the weather gets gloomy! (I have many other shades like this, but these are the ones that I reach for the most / look nice on display)

There are 16 shades all up! Ranging from traditional lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, lip crayons to pencils and a range of different formulas and finishes. My favourite colours to wear in the colder months range from dark plums and red shades to burgundy browns to sometimes a flash of orange or fuchsia. There are swatches of all! So if you want to see what these beautiful things look like, be prepared to be bombarded with photos!

All of the shades swatched next to one another. 
The swatches will be in the same order as they are shown here. 

Packaging & Swatches

MAC Cosmetics - Pure Heroine 

This is the lipstick that was the love child of MAC and Lorde (one of my favourite human beings). I'm not sure if this is the same as their regular "heroine" lipstick. I can't find the 'Pure Heroine' one on their website so I'll leave a link to 'Heroine'. 
I love this colour, its a beautiful plum colour, super creamy and smooth. Nice and pigmented and has that delicious MAC lipstick smell! It makes brown eyes pop which is why its one of my favourite lipsticks ever. 

Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm - 215 Shameless

A colour very similar to 'Pure Heroine' but a bit more affordable and a matte finish. No vanilla scent, but this has a delicious minty scent/taste that I love! These lip crayon type products last for a very long time, I've had this one for a long time and I've not even made a dent in it! I keep saying that I'll go back and get more of the matte balms and maybe I should. I truly love them and I know I'm not the only one!

Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm - 250 Standout

Another Revlon matte balm this time in a striking red shade! The matte finish makes this one of my favourite reds to wear as it won't transfer onto my chin when I'm eating like most reds (any lip product really) do. In my opinion this is the one of those perfect classic red shades that should be a staple in everyones collection!

Savvy: Ultra Matte Lip Cream - Miss Monroe

Speaking of something that should be in everyones collection! THIS LIP PRODUCT IS AMAZING! I honestly love the Ultra Matte Lip Cream products from Savvy. They're a brand that doesn't get enough recognition! The products are so affordable and generally great quality. Miss Monroe is one of, if not my favourite red lip colour of all time. I think this is the only lip products that I've almost finished up. It looks stunning against multiple skin tones and for me really brings out the colour in my cheeks and contrasts against my eyes and my hair to give me that 'Snow White' feel. These stay on the lips all day, they don't really break down when eating (even if its a bit greasy) but if need be they're easy to touch up. The staying power is great yet with the right stuff, its very easy to remove without saying sayonara to your lips! This is a must buy for everyone!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - SHANG-HII

The amount of love I have for the velourlips is borderline obsession. Like, Misery style. 
There are a few different shades from the velourlips range included in these seasonal favourites, you don't need to go out and buy them all (you don't have to buy any of these - except Miss Monroe) I'm just showing you whats on offer in their range and the shades that I love from it for the cooler months!

SHANG-HII is a beautiful fuchsia/berry tone. For those days that aren't as gloomy and the sun might actually be out is the time I wear this shade. It looks beautiful on so many skin tones and would make all eye colours just POP!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - NY-CEE

More of a warm/orange toned red but a red that should be in everyones collection! This lip colour paired with minimal makeup a dark winged liner and some flirty lashes is the key life! This tone unlike Miss Monroe or Standout brings warmth to the face and adds to an all over facial glow! You're bound to get compliments when you wear this shade!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - BUDA-PASH

Give me something dark, to match my soul. These oxblood red/browns are fast becoming some of my favourite shades to wear! When I put this on I just feel like I'm 100% sass and I have no time for people who don't matter. This is my 'resting bitch face' shade. I can't get enough of these shades and I think everyone should try the empowering feeling that is BUDA-PASH!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - TOK-I-O

This colour lip mixed with my eye and hair colour reminds me of Cadbury Chocolate! A super fun and wearable purple. It can make teeth seem a little yellow (but so can all purple shades) but not enough for me to stop wearing this shade. This is also another one that I've almost finished up. I love the formula and the staying power of the Velourlips products and also the sweet berryish smell that they have. Beautiful products and super delicious smell!

Maybelline: Colordrama - 410 Fab Orange

I LOVE an orange lip. I think more people should embrace the orange lip. This product is a great one to start with. These are by far some of the easiest lip products to apply! The formula is so creamy and smooth it glides on to the lip but it doesn't slip around. The smell of these is also amazing. It makes me wish I could eat them. 

This is one of my favourite colours for Autumn especially as the leaves are changing colours on the trees. Just love this colour!

Maybelline: Colordrama - 510 Red Essential

ANOTHER red! Can you blame me though? This colour is gorgeous! It has a delicious berry scent, a beautiful opaque colour on the lips and is SUPER easy to apply! Touching up these products is easy as well! I can chow down on sushi and then touch up anything with ease!

Face Of Australia: Lasting Looks Lip Crème - Rubies are forever

This is a newie to my collection but I must say I'm in love. I've recently discovered these lippies and in true Caitlan fashion I almost have them all. /Sigh… This shade is a beautiful deep red with almost a terracotta feel to it. It has a beautiful kind of frosted finish but doesn't look metallic at all. I adore the packaging for these lipsticks. Its sleek and classy. The product itself also smells just like MAC lipsticks do. They're relatively long waring and once the product has faded after a few hours it leaves a nice stain on the lips. Super easy to touch up. Can be worn sheer or layered for a more opaque look. Love these lipsticks. 

Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick - 380 Dark Night Waterl-Oops

If you've been reading my blog, watching my YouTube vids or know me in person, you'll know that I L O V E these lipsticks! This is a new one to the range and I snatched that up as soon as I saw it! A beautiful berry plum colour that doesn't make teeth look yellow. So thats a bonus. These lippies are so smooth to apply and they really were on to something when they called them Moisture Renew.

Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick - 500 Diva Red

Yet again another red and another Rimmel lipstick. What can I say, I like what I like. This is so easy to apply, so smooth and creamy. They're not long waring, but settle down to a nice stain on the lips when they fade off. They do last a reasonable amount of time though for a not long wearing lipstick. They do have a scent that I personally love, its quite perfumey so that might deter some people, but it doesn't linger so keep that in mind. 

Australis Cosmetics: Colour Inject - Grunge

One of my favourite rainy day / stormy weather lipsticks. Its dark and gloomy like the clouds and I LOVE to wear that on my lips. Especially pared with gold shimmer on the eyes. This product can take a big of work to get to a good opacity but when its there, you're fine. This purple/brown/plum colour is one of my favourites and it should be one of yours too!

Australis Cosmetics: Colour Inject: Gangsta Rap

To be honest, I originally bought this for the name and THEN fell in love with the colour. Its the brightest one in my 'Autumn / Winter' collection. Not all days are gloomy, but they're not always warm either! I like to wear this lippy on the days when the sun is out but its still somewhat cloudy and cold. I wear this with a navy top and gold accessories and it just brings a pop of colour to the day. This colour is also perfect for spring. Its what I like to call an all rounder. 

L'Oreal: Colour Riche Moisture Matte - RW 512 Bloody Mary

Whilst the name of this lipstick makes me never want to say it out loud. Hiding this away would be a crime. The formula on this is so lovely, making it a dream to wear. They really were on to something in calling this a moisture matte. Again, another red, another classic old hollywood red. Its such a pretty shade and looks great against pale skin. Again, that Snow White feel! I was so in love with this colour I didn't even look around at others in the range. They're worth looking into. 

And with that, this is the end of my Seasonal Lipsticks suggestions/review.
I'm now going to bathe my lips in lip balm. I love doing lip swatches and reviews but it does take a toll! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if there are any other dark lipsticks out there that I should look into and what your favourite lipsticks to wear in the colder months are! Or if you've got/used any of the products that I've talked about today! Leave me a comment I'd love to know!

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