Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is your name 'ProcrastiCaitlan'?
A. My real name is Caitlan and I procrastinate a lot, my friend called me procrasticaitlan once and it stuck. It seemed to fit my life quite well so I decided to run with it.

Q. Do you only post about beauty?
A. No. Beauty and makeup is my hoppy and I love experimenting with it and creating looks, but I also enjoy cooking and talking about my experiences in life so I jot them down here where I can always look back at things I've done. If other people like it, thats just a bonus for me.

Q. Why did you start a blog?
A. I started it because I wanted to be dedicated to something. To always be updating it and reviewing products so I could post things for others to read about. Its another way for me to communicate with the world.


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