Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Australian Companies Review Series

Beauty Expansion

So to put a not so long story even not so longer, I'm going to be getting products (with my own money) from some probably not so well known Australian companies.

To put that not so longer story in to context: Every time someone likes a photo of mine on Instagram I ALWAYS check out their profile. I've noticed that I've had a few companies (purely for promotional purposes I'm sure) like a few of my photos. When I check out their page and I like what I see, I make a note of it. I've done this a few times now and I thought to myself "Caitlan, just get some dang products and see for yourself!" so thats what I'm going to do! I'm going to be getting a few products from each company and I'll test and review them. This is mainly to expand my collection of things beauty to some of the 'underdogs' but I also love finding new companies and if that means that they get some more business, then yay?

Logo photos of the companies.

The companies I have on my list are:

Soda & Co: -Body wash, lip scrubs and hand creams.
Vice & Velvet: -Homemade soap, bath and body products.
Black Arrow Candles: -Handmade exotic / indie soy candles.
tmf. (the makeup foundation) -Makeup and cosmetics.
Oh Deer Sugar: - Handmade, vegan, food for the skin - bath and skincare, pamper yourself delicious. 

I'm planing to buy a few products from each place, ones similar to others if possible so I can compare, but mainly because I want to try a range of different items that I've not used before. Obviously price does come into it, and also if there isn't much of what I'd actually use, I'm not going to buy products that I don't have an interest in. 

To kick this off, I've already got my products from 'Oh Deer Sugar'. They've JUST opened up an actual store and I was lucky enough to get in and scoop up some products to trial. I'm so excited. There will be a post about the store opening and then ANOTHER Oh Deer Sugar post coming up about the products themselves! So stay tuned for Thursdays post about that and then the Thursday AFTER that for the product review! I've got some posts coming up that I'm super excited about including my very first 'Blogger Event'! 

If you know of any great Australian beauty companies (candles count as beauty, ok?) please let me know, I'd love to check them out! (honestly, give me another reason to stalk people on Etsy)

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