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Australis Cosmetics Current Obsessions


I've done some massive spending lately. Yay?
I went crazy for anything I could get my hands on (and anything my bank account would allow)
Some of my favourite things from my spending spree are a few products from Australis Cosmetics, in particular their 'Metallix Eyeshadows' and the Bronzeyed Girl eyeshadow palette (exclusive to Kmart).  

Lets start with the Bronzeyed Girl palette. Retailing at $9.99 AUD (I think from memory that is what it was however I KNOW that it is under $10.00) the palette has to offer 6 (very generous in size) shimmer shades. This palette is in the same style to the ever so popular AC/ON Tour Contour Kit. The packaging is the same as so are the sizes of the products. 

All the shadows are shimmer and they have an interesting texture - they're not soft or silky, they kind of feel gritty - but not in a bad way at all. Its kind of nice? In my opinion they feel a lot like the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows! (Side note, those are gorgeous) Once applied they feel silky and smooth and blend incredibly well!

The pigmentation is great on its own and doesn't need a primer for good colour pay off obviously with a primer the colours are more bold. I generally use them without a primer. (if you have oily lids you might want to use a primer)


There are no product names or numbers so I've swatched the shades in the same way they appear in the palette, on my hand. I'll refer to them as row and position. Row is either TOP or BOTTOM and position will be left to right 1, 2 or 3. 

As the palette suggests the shades are all gold/copper/bronze shades and they're all super beautiful.

T1: Yellow/gold/champagne shade, beautiful for all over the lid or inner corner highlight. 
T2: Orange gold shade, will suit all eye colours. 
T3: Beige shimmer/satin shade. Used for highlights or a simple wash over the lids for a subtle look. 

B1: Dusty Rose / Mauve shade, I don't have a shade like this. Its very beautiful. 
B2: Brown/Burgundy/Purple with gold? reflect shimmer. Lovely shade, will look gorgeous in the outer corner. 
B3: Burgundy/Magenta/Plum gold flecks/reflect. Beautiful shade. 

The shades are so pigmented its almost too good to be true. They almost have a duo-chrome look to them in certain light. These shadows are very easy to apply and simple to blend. There is no chunky glitter and very little fallout. Can be applied lightly for a subtle look or packed on for more intensity and won't feel heavy or thick on the lids. 

I really like this palette and I think if you see it, you should pick it up. Its under $10 so why wouldn't you? The shades will compliment all eye colours. This palette is only available at Kmart so I suggest you find it fast! 

Now on to the Metallix eyeshadows! There are six in the range so far each retailing for $8.95. I think this is a pretty reasonable price. In my opinion these are a lot like the Stila magnificent metals foil finish eyeshadows (try saying that five times fast!). Now, I don't own those, but I've swatched them MAAANNNNYYY times. 

The Metallix eyeshadows are a gel/creamy consistency that are best applied with fingers or I find a small lip brush works well for precision. The product itself is so different to other cream eyeshadows (this is what it has in common with the Stila shadows) The product is made up of chunks of shimmer that reminds me of gold leaf but once its applied to the eyelid it smoothes out into a flawless flush of colour! They're truly one of the best 'foiled' products on the market which is why I think the price is so reasonable. 

Getting these to work can be a bit tricky. Many people have a love hate relationship with these and I can understand. It took me a few goes to get these to work for me. (KEEP IN MIND I HAVE DRY SKIN AND NOT VERY OILY LIDS).

On their own, for me, the lasting power is 5ish hours and then signs of creasing happen. (the best thing about this though is that because the product is cream based I can just pat the product back into place and it is usually good for another few hours).

With a primer I get about 6 - 8 hours before creasing happens. 

Setting with an eyeshadow (no primer) I can usually get 8+ hours

Putting a primer down, some eye shadow, then the metallix product then setting it with eyeshadow again is the best way I have found to keep this product from creasing (on me). If I do that (which sounds like a hell of a lot but really its like an extra 5 seconds of my day) then the product has a wear time of basically all day (unless I'm sweating up a storm and I don't think that'll happen right now in the dead of winter). So lets get to the fun part!


Gorgeous, right? You can see the almost flakey-ness of the product (that gold leaf look) but trust me when you work it into the lid that look goes away. You can see the amazing foiled metal shine these products have. SO BEAUTIFUL! These products have names - YAY, but I'll still refer to them like I did with the Bronzeyed Girl palette.

T1: Gold Gaga - Golden copper shade.
T2: Lana Del Grey - Lavender silver shade.
T3: Jay Zed - Olive green/gold shade
B1: Guns and Rose Petals - Baby pink/champagne shade(similar to Stila 'Kitten')
B2: Pearl Jammin' - Rose Gold shade
B3: Plum Diddy - Plum/Chocolate Brown with Red/fuchsia specks

You can see here how shiney and how much dimension the shades have. I love them!

Pearl Jammin' and Guns and Rose Petals are my favourite shades straight off the bat. But I really do like them all (otherwise I wouldn't have got them). If you'd like to see some looks with these leave a comment and I'll see what I can do (;

So these are my current obsessions from Australis Cosmetics one of my favourite brands. If you have any of these products let me know how you like them!

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