Thursday, 30 July 2015

First Impression/Review

Models Prefer Contour Collection

It seems to me like every company is coming out with a contour kit of sorts. I personally don't contour on the daily so an entire kit with shades that might not even be suited to my skin tone doesn't sound like something I would have the need in purchasing, yet here I am owning two. 

I recently saw in my local priceline that one of my favourite brands 'Models Prefer' had come out with a contour kit. I love MP, and if you've read my blog, watched my YouTube or know me in person, I'm always recommending their products. They're a great Australian brand and I can't get enough. 

The palette holds 6 individual products; 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades. All are matte except for one of the highlight shades. This palette retails for $16.99AUD which I think is totally affordable. 


The box it comes in is white, but the palette itself is black. 

The front has all the necessary information. Its not too busy, easy to read and shows straight off the bat what is inside. The back of the box has additional information, and much like the blurb of a book it has all you need to determine wether or not you'll buy it. I like that it has some diagrams on highlighting and contouring for different face shapes. This is so important; I have seen other contour kits that have diagrams on 'How To' contour and highlight but this is the first one that I've seen that accommodates different face shapes. 

When opening the box, you're presented with the palette and an a booklet with all the information that was on the outside of the box (good, because I've probably already lost it) and a whole heap more about skin types, undertones, and some MP products that would compliment you specifically. I think that is a really great thing to include.

You can see here the palette itself and also the booklet. I can't get over how great the booklet is. Its so packed full of info. Its the little things like this that make me L O V E Models Prefer; that and their products are so great. 

Here is a little sneak peak at the booklet. I don't want to show page by page because thats not fair to the company. But you can see by just these pages how much information is in this and how much thought has gone in to the diagrams to ensure the optimal use of their product. 

The palette itself is made out of hard plastic and has quite a glossy look to it. (there is no pattern on the cover, it is just a reflection of my mirror) It reminds me of the MP 'Warm Smoky Colour Palette' (I've raved on and on about that palette in videos and previous posts). 

The front of the palette is clean and easy to read, nothing too busy at all and the back has the same information that is on the back of the box, and in the booklet so if you lose both of them you'll still have the 'how to contour and highlight' info for your face shape which again is AWESOME!

Moving inside the palette now. The product is powder.  A lot of companies are doing cream contour palettes etc but this is a powder product. The three highlight shades are on the top row, the first shade is a matte pink toned highlight, the second a matte yellow toned highlight (banana shade) and the third is a shimmery champagne colour. The bottom row holds the contour shades. I think there is good range of shades suited for warm/cool undertones along with some different skin shades as well. They might be a bit too dark for people on the very pale side of things but we'll see how I can go with it. 

One thing I also wanted to mention is the mirror. It is a perfection. It is solid enough that it can stand up without being propped up or held up by anything and it can also lay perfectly flat. Good job MP, I like the way you do things. With things like this you'd expect the price to go up, but it is still a really affordable palette!


The swatches are quite rough and applied with my fingers on the back of my hand that has no base or primer. Factors such as these can alter results as the skin on your hands is different to that of your face, and also there is no foundation for it to adhere to. 

Firstly, just look how pretty that shimmer highlight shade is! You see a closeup of the product itself, they're quite decent sizes. The texture is quite smooth, I was expecting something a bit powdery or "gritty" almost but these feel like velvet. The shades on my skin look a bit intense but obviously we don't just chuck our hand in some product and slap it on our faces! We use bushes and blend! I think I'll be using the middle shade? Actually, I don't know, I'll have to trial and error that! I'll see what the booklet thinks I should use! 

This brings an end to my first impression/review of the 'Models Prefer Contour + Highlighting Palette'! If you see it in Priceline give it a look, I hope it can fill all your facial sculpting needs!

If you're interested in seeing a comparison of the Australis A/C On Tour Palette and this one, let me know in the comments! 

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