Thursday, 30 July 2015

First Impression/Review

Models Prefer Contour Collection

It seems to me like every company is coming out with a contour kit of sorts. I personally don't contour on the daily so an entire kit with shades that might not even be suited to my skin tone doesn't sound like something I would have the need in purchasing, yet here I am owning two. 

I recently saw in my local priceline that one of my favourite brands 'Models Prefer' had come out with a contour kit. I love MP, and if you've read my blog, watched my YouTube or know me in person, I'm always recommending their products. They're a great Australian brand and I can't get enough. 

The palette holds 6 individual products; 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades. All are matte except for one of the highlight shades. This palette retails for $16.99AUD which I think is totally affordable. 


The box it comes in is white, but the palette itself is black. 

The front has all the necessary information. Its not too busy, easy to read and shows straight off the bat what is inside. The back of the box has additional information, and much like the blurb of a book it has all you need to determine wether or not you'll buy it. I like that it has some diagrams on highlighting and contouring for different face shapes. This is so important; I have seen other contour kits that have diagrams on 'How To' contour and highlight but this is the first one that I've seen that accommodates different face shapes. 

When opening the box, you're presented with the palette and an a booklet with all the information that was on the outside of the box (good, because I've probably already lost it) and a whole heap more about skin types, undertones, and some MP products that would compliment you specifically. I think that is a really great thing to include.

You can see here the palette itself and also the booklet. I can't get over how great the booklet is. Its so packed full of info. Its the little things like this that make me L O V E Models Prefer; that and their products are so great. 

Here is a little sneak peak at the booklet. I don't want to show page by page because thats not fair to the company. But you can see by just these pages how much information is in this and how much thought has gone in to the diagrams to ensure the optimal use of their product. 

The palette itself is made out of hard plastic and has quite a glossy look to it. (there is no pattern on the cover, it is just a reflection of my mirror) It reminds me of the MP 'Warm Smoky Colour Palette' (I've raved on and on about that palette in videos and previous posts). 

The front of the palette is clean and easy to read, nothing too busy at all and the back has the same information that is on the back of the box, and in the booklet so if you lose both of them you'll still have the 'how to contour and highlight' info for your face shape which again is AWESOME!

Moving inside the palette now. The product is powder.  A lot of companies are doing cream contour palettes etc but this is a powder product. The three highlight shades are on the top row, the first shade is a matte pink toned highlight, the second a matte yellow toned highlight (banana shade) and the third is a shimmery champagne colour. The bottom row holds the contour shades. I think there is good range of shades suited for warm/cool undertones along with some different skin shades as well. They might be a bit too dark for people on the very pale side of things but we'll see how I can go with it. 

One thing I also wanted to mention is the mirror. It is a perfection. It is solid enough that it can stand up without being propped up or held up by anything and it can also lay perfectly flat. Good job MP, I like the way you do things. With things like this you'd expect the price to go up, but it is still a really affordable palette!


The swatches are quite rough and applied with my fingers on the back of my hand that has no base or primer. Factors such as these can alter results as the skin on your hands is different to that of your face, and also there is no foundation for it to adhere to. 

Firstly, just look how pretty that shimmer highlight shade is! You see a closeup of the product itself, they're quite decent sizes. The texture is quite smooth, I was expecting something a bit powdery or "gritty" almost but these feel like velvet. The shades on my skin look a bit intense but obviously we don't just chuck our hand in some product and slap it on our faces! We use bushes and blend! I think I'll be using the middle shade? Actually, I don't know, I'll have to trial and error that! I'll see what the booklet thinks I should use! 

This brings an end to my first impression/review of the 'Models Prefer Contour + Highlighting Palette'! If you see it in Priceline give it a look, I hope it can fill all your facial sculpting needs!

If you're interested in seeing a comparison of the Australis A/C On Tour Palette and this one, let me know in the comments! 

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Seasonal Lipsticks:

Autumn & Winter

I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this post for a while now and I wasn't going to do it. Then a few factors came into play like me finally organising my makeup and getting sufficient storage and the weather getting super cold that I decided that it'd be a fun post to do. Maybe turn it into a little series that I keep updating as the seasons change. 

So as I said, I recently organised my makeup. I bought a small acrylic (ish? not sure if real acrylic) lipstick holder. It is not even close to being the size I need to hold all of my lipsticks but I've wanted a little display lippy holder for a while (for the specific reason to hold my seasonal colours) and I snagged this one up for $7.00AUD at the Reject Shop.

There are a few other compartments in the lipstick holder that I put other lip products in and some things that would just clutter up my vanity, such as bobby pins and my beauty sponge.
So as you can see, there are a fair few lip products that I like to use when the weather gets gloomy! (I have many other shades like this, but these are the ones that I reach for the most / look nice on display)

There are 16 shades all up! Ranging from traditional lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, lip crayons to pencils and a range of different formulas and finishes. My favourite colours to wear in the colder months range from dark plums and red shades to burgundy browns to sometimes a flash of orange or fuchsia. There are swatches of all! So if you want to see what these beautiful things look like, be prepared to be bombarded with photos!

All of the shades swatched next to one another. 
The swatches will be in the same order as they are shown here. 

Packaging & Swatches

MAC Cosmetics - Pure Heroine 

This is the lipstick that was the love child of MAC and Lorde (one of my favourite human beings). I'm not sure if this is the same as their regular "heroine" lipstick. I can't find the 'Pure Heroine' one on their website so I'll leave a link to 'Heroine'. 
I love this colour, its a beautiful plum colour, super creamy and smooth. Nice and pigmented and has that delicious MAC lipstick smell! It makes brown eyes pop which is why its one of my favourite lipsticks ever. 

Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm - 215 Shameless

A colour very similar to 'Pure Heroine' but a bit more affordable and a matte finish. No vanilla scent, but this has a delicious minty scent/taste that I love! These lip crayon type products last for a very long time, I've had this one for a long time and I've not even made a dent in it! I keep saying that I'll go back and get more of the matte balms and maybe I should. I truly love them and I know I'm not the only one!

Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm - 250 Standout

Another Revlon matte balm this time in a striking red shade! The matte finish makes this one of my favourite reds to wear as it won't transfer onto my chin when I'm eating like most reds (any lip product really) do. In my opinion this is the one of those perfect classic red shades that should be a staple in everyones collection!

Savvy: Ultra Matte Lip Cream - Miss Monroe

Speaking of something that should be in everyones collection! THIS LIP PRODUCT IS AMAZING! I honestly love the Ultra Matte Lip Cream products from Savvy. They're a brand that doesn't get enough recognition! The products are so affordable and generally great quality. Miss Monroe is one of, if not my favourite red lip colour of all time. I think this is the only lip products that I've almost finished up. It looks stunning against multiple skin tones and for me really brings out the colour in my cheeks and contrasts against my eyes and my hair to give me that 'Snow White' feel. These stay on the lips all day, they don't really break down when eating (even if its a bit greasy) but if need be they're easy to touch up. The staying power is great yet with the right stuff, its very easy to remove without saying sayonara to your lips! This is a must buy for everyone!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - SHANG-HII

The amount of love I have for the velourlips is borderline obsession. Like, Misery style. 
There are a few different shades from the velourlips range included in these seasonal favourites, you don't need to go out and buy them all (you don't have to buy any of these - except Miss Monroe) I'm just showing you whats on offer in their range and the shades that I love from it for the cooler months!

SHANG-HII is a beautiful fuchsia/berry tone. For those days that aren't as gloomy and the sun might actually be out is the time I wear this shade. It looks beautiful on so many skin tones and would make all eye colours just POP!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - NY-CEE

More of a warm/orange toned red but a red that should be in everyones collection! This lip colour paired with minimal makeup a dark winged liner and some flirty lashes is the key life! This tone unlike Miss Monroe or Standout brings warmth to the face and adds to an all over facial glow! You're bound to get compliments when you wear this shade!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - BUDA-PASH

Give me something dark, to match my soul. These oxblood red/browns are fast becoming some of my favourite shades to wear! When I put this on I just feel like I'm 100% sass and I have no time for people who don't matter. This is my 'resting bitch face' shade. I can't get enough of these shades and I think everyone should try the empowering feeling that is BUDA-PASH!

Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips - TOK-I-O

This colour lip mixed with my eye and hair colour reminds me of Cadbury Chocolate! A super fun and wearable purple. It can make teeth seem a little yellow (but so can all purple shades) but not enough for me to stop wearing this shade. This is also another one that I've almost finished up. I love the formula and the staying power of the Velourlips products and also the sweet berryish smell that they have. Beautiful products and super delicious smell!

Maybelline: Colordrama - 410 Fab Orange

I LOVE an orange lip. I think more people should embrace the orange lip. This product is a great one to start with. These are by far some of the easiest lip products to apply! The formula is so creamy and smooth it glides on to the lip but it doesn't slip around. The smell of these is also amazing. It makes me wish I could eat them. 

This is one of my favourite colours for Autumn especially as the leaves are changing colours on the trees. Just love this colour!

Maybelline: Colordrama - 510 Red Essential

ANOTHER red! Can you blame me though? This colour is gorgeous! It has a delicious berry scent, a beautiful opaque colour on the lips and is SUPER easy to apply! Touching up these products is easy as well! I can chow down on sushi and then touch up anything with ease!

Face Of Australia: Lasting Looks Lip Crème - Rubies are forever

This is a newie to my collection but I must say I'm in love. I've recently discovered these lippies and in true Caitlan fashion I almost have them all. /Sigh… This shade is a beautiful deep red with almost a terracotta feel to it. It has a beautiful kind of frosted finish but doesn't look metallic at all. I adore the packaging for these lipsticks. Its sleek and classy. The product itself also smells just like MAC lipsticks do. They're relatively long waring and once the product has faded after a few hours it leaves a nice stain on the lips. Super easy to touch up. Can be worn sheer or layered for a more opaque look. Love these lipsticks. 

Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick - 380 Dark Night Waterl-Oops

If you've been reading my blog, watching my YouTube vids or know me in person, you'll know that I L O V E these lipsticks! This is a new one to the range and I snatched that up as soon as I saw it! A beautiful berry plum colour that doesn't make teeth look yellow. So thats a bonus. These lippies are so smooth to apply and they really were on to something when they called them Moisture Renew.

Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick - 500 Diva Red

Yet again another red and another Rimmel lipstick. What can I say, I like what I like. This is so easy to apply, so smooth and creamy. They're not long waring, but settle down to a nice stain on the lips when they fade off. They do last a reasonable amount of time though for a not long wearing lipstick. They do have a scent that I personally love, its quite perfumey so that might deter some people, but it doesn't linger so keep that in mind. 

Australis Cosmetics: Colour Inject - Grunge

One of my favourite rainy day / stormy weather lipsticks. Its dark and gloomy like the clouds and I LOVE to wear that on my lips. Especially pared with gold shimmer on the eyes. This product can take a big of work to get to a good opacity but when its there, you're fine. This purple/brown/plum colour is one of my favourites and it should be one of yours too!

Australis Cosmetics: Colour Inject: Gangsta Rap

To be honest, I originally bought this for the name and THEN fell in love with the colour. Its the brightest one in my 'Autumn / Winter' collection. Not all days are gloomy, but they're not always warm either! I like to wear this lippy on the days when the sun is out but its still somewhat cloudy and cold. I wear this with a navy top and gold accessories and it just brings a pop of colour to the day. This colour is also perfect for spring. Its what I like to call an all rounder. 

L'Oreal: Colour Riche Moisture Matte - RW 512 Bloody Mary

Whilst the name of this lipstick makes me never want to say it out loud. Hiding this away would be a crime. The formula on this is so lovely, making it a dream to wear. They really were on to something in calling this a moisture matte. Again, another red, another classic old hollywood red. Its such a pretty shade and looks great against pale skin. Again, that Snow White feel! I was so in love with this colour I didn't even look around at others in the range. They're worth looking into. 

And with that, this is the end of my Seasonal Lipsticks suggestions/review.
I'm now going to bathe my lips in lip balm. I love doing lip swatches and reviews but it does take a toll! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if there are any other dark lipsticks out there that I should look into and what your favourite lipsticks to wear in the colder months are! Or if you've got/used any of the products that I've talked about today! Leave me a comment I'd love to know!

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

DUPE ALERT! Urban Decay VS Chi Chi

Urban Decay Naked Palette vs Chi Chi Nudes Palette

I wasn't planning on writing this post at all, but one of the beauty groups I'm apart of started discussing the Chi Chi palettes a cult favourite among makeup lovers. One of the girls from the group found a photo online of a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette with the Chi Chi Nudes Palette. I have both of these palettes and I was genuinely curious. 

Packaging, nothing at all looks the same. The Chi Chi Palette has a clear plastic packaging whilst the Urban Decay Palette has the felt feel cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. Size wise, the Chi Chi palette is smaller and slimmer, it also feels more secure, however the Urban Decay palette comes with a mirror and a double ended brush, the Chi Chi does not it also has two of those little foam applicator things that I don't think anyone uses. 

Taking a look at the shadows themselves. There is almost an exact replica in shades, down to the position and finish. You can also see the size difference in palettes. The size of the shadows is the same and as you can see there are 12 shadows in each palette. One thing I love is that the Urban Decay palette has names for their shadows. I think its great when companies do that, it makes it so much easier to explain things in a tutorial or when you're talking about them etc. Now on to the best part…



The Chi Chi palette is the top row and the Urban Decay is on the bottom. I was honestly so taken back by the similarities in colour. Even the finishes were the same. I must say though, the matte shades in the Urban Decay palette were better, thats just a general 'rule' though, it is hard to get good matte shades at the drugstore. Even though the Chi Chi 'Mattes' Palette is one of my faves. The matte shades in the Nudes palette are good, Urban Decay's are just better. 

I was especially surprised to see such a good dupe for 'Half Baked'. A cult favourite shadow from Urban Decay and one of my personal favourite gold shadows. 

When it comes to texture the Urban Decay shadows feel more silky, that typical 'butter' smoothness to them, the Chi Chi ones feel nice but they have a 'harsher' texture to them its not like sand or anything you can just feel the slight difference. There was a little more fallout with some of the Chi Chi ones. 

I don't know what wear time is with the two shadows I've not put them against each other, but I'm keen to do so. 

All in all I'm pretty impressed with just how similar these two palettes are. If you're not up for spending the $74? on the Naked palette but are willing to spend $22.95 on the Chi Chi one, I'd say go for it! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any dupes for me to check out!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Daily Glam #1

Face Of The Day:

So I've been wanting to start up a little series on my blog and YouTube  for a while now and I thought, why not now? I'm calling the series 'Daily Glam' (Original, right?). I wear makeup and get dolled up for me, I don't do it for anyone else, but I know some people who don't wear makeup because their partners don't like it or they think its 'too much' and thats fine, each to their own. These posts are for the people who want to embrace the glam into their daily life. Its just makeup and at the end of the day it washes off and each of these looks are totally customisable. So without any further blabbering on. I'll show you the products I used for todays glam look!

The face makeup is the same as usual - Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Liquid Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory, Australis Cosmetics Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder in the shade Natural, Savvy Natural Finish Pressed Powder in the shade Tan (used for slight contour and warming up the face) and Essence SooGlow Cream to Powder Highlighter in the shade 20 Bright up your life. I didn't use a blush for this look I wanted the face to be really glowy and warm with 'natural' colour. (if you want blush go for it though)

The real glam is in the eyes. 

I used a mixture of the Chi Chi Bronzes Palette and the Chi Chi Mattes Palette and the Australis Metallix eyeshadow in 'Guns and Rose Petals' to get this look. 

I used my Essence 'I Love Stage' eyeshadow base all over the lid then applied my transition shade. Colour #9 from the Mattes palette. I then used colour #3 from the Bronzes palette in my inner third of the eye and colour #5 for my outer third. Then blended it all into the transition shade using a fluffy brush. 

In the centre of the lid, I applied (in small amounts) the Australis Metallix eyeshadow. I blended it into the edged of both shadows (inner and outer thirds of my eyes). When using this product, less is more! It is easy to add little bits at a time then to try and 'scrape' it off your eye. 

Because this product is a cream type product, it has a high chance of creasing. I like to set mine with shadow so it will last longer. I went over the inner third and outer third with the same shadows that I put down before and then blended all the edges out with a fluffy brush. 

For eyeliner, I used my all time favourite; the Bourjois 16 hour liquid liner. I did a thin(ish) line but winged it out a lot so it is visible once lashes are applied. (if you're not going all out with lashes then just do a wing you're comfortable with)

The mascara I used (before false lashes) is the Rimmel London Scandaleyes XXTREME. I've been really liking it lately and I think it does a great job at lengthening and adding volume. 

As I've said, this is a Daily Glam look. I am ok with wearing false lashes during the day (my lashes are quite short so it just looks like I'm using suuuuper good mascara) but if you don't want to, you don't have to, adding the lashes would totally transform this into a night time look and thats A-ok in my book!

The difference in lighting makes all the difference. Middle is from camera, outer two are from phone. 

So, I'm no selfie expert but here are some pics of the look. I love it and I wear it a lot! I'm in the market for some more lashes though, ones that really open up the eyes. 

For the lips I kept it really simple with a soft pink lipstick, another Rimmel product. It is a lippy from their Moisture Renew range in the colour 210 Fancy. Its a beautiful pink with gold shimmer. (sounds weird, but is absolutely gorgeous). But feel free to add whatever lippy makes you feel great!

After I filmed (yes there will be a tutorial) and started to write up the post, I put on my glasses but had a little issue…

So, maybe you'll be seeing a 'Lash Haul' post in the near future! 

Thanks for reading, let me know some of your favourite lashes and if you'd wear a look like this on the daily!

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

June Favourites

July is well underway and again I'm late with the 'Favourites' post. I've been home sick for the past week that I've just not had the energy for anything. But I filmed and edited it and now I'm up for writing the blog post! There are only a few and I'm going to keep this post short, so I'll just get right to it!

Watch My Video Here^^^

Chi Chi Mattes Palette: This was an honourable mention last month, so I felt because I still love it and I've been using it a tonne anyway I should include it in this months edition of my favourites! I use the middle shade (the dark, dark brown one) for my eyebrows everyday and its my current fave product for my brows. The shade next to it and the following two are my favourite transition shades. The middle of the three is a peachy pink / salmon colour (The photo is making it more orange toned) and I love that for really transitioning the crease colour out and up, for the crease colour I use the camel/tan brown colour (right next to the khaki green), its one of my favourite colours for defined crease work. The first of the three 'transition' shades is great for a subtle brown bone highlight. I also love using the green and the blue for some interesting matte looks. All in all its a great all matte palette!

Savvy Long Lasting Eyeliner: This eyeliner is in the shade Starling and firstly, what an absolutely gorgeous shade. It is such a pretty blue colour and secondly, I LOVE USING THIS! I think this is a fabulous way to incorporate colour into a look with out being "too over the top" even though, I love colour! The staying power on these eyeliners is incredible. It literally wont move, it dries fast and doesn't budge. The application is a little tricky - like most liquid liners but not impossible - obviously. There are other colours in the range - I have the gold, white, purple and blue and I use them a lot. They're very cheap and I recommend them to everyone!

Nude by Nature brush: The brush has no 'official' name - well not written on it anyway. I picked up this brush in a set from Priceline and I use it (the set) all the time. I thought I'd lost this brush a while back, so in my current 'de clutter and clean' mood I've had I was searching through and getting rid of old makeup etc I found it again. I use this for crease work and blending. It is so soft, and perfect for defining the crease and placing transition shades. If you get the chance pick up Nude by Nature brushes from your local Priceline. You won't be disappointed.

Australis Cosmetics Double Decker: I'm not sure if they still make these or not, so I'm sorry if you cant find it. I've been using this product like made recently. This one in particular has a copper pigment underneath the gel/cream base. I have been using it on its own for a soft look and also I've been using it with another favourite of mine….

MAC Cosmetics Fix+: I love this stuff. I don't use it as a face mist so much as adding it with pigments and eyeshadows to give them more umph! I've been spraying my brush then dipping it into the Australis pigment for a more intense look. It gives the colours so much more shine and a real 'foiled' finish which is super on trend at the moment. For a MAC product, I think its really well priced too! I think this is a staple everyone should have in their collection.

Rimmel London Sandaleyes XXTREME Mascara: Besides the wordy name, I've been really digging this mascara! Its wand is the most impressive part. It is one of the rubber / silicone type brushes which I really like, but the interesting thing is that it is good for both length AND volume which is something I think a lot of people will like. The only downside to this mascara is that it can clump quite quickly if you apply too much of it - which you shouldn't need to. It doesn't flake off my lashes either and the formula is not too runny so I didn't need to do the typical 'open and wait a week' like I have to with most mascaras. It is a very black mascara and I'm really enjoying it!

So there you go you beautiful people! Those were my favourites. I hope that the next ones will be on time… Probably not though. (;

If you've tried any of these products let me know in the comments and tell me what your favourites have been and I hope to check them out!

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Vanity/Makeup Setup

The Beautification Station.

Wether you're in the 'beauty industry' (blogger, Makeup Artist etc) or not. I think having a designated area for all things beauty is essential in every woman's life. (thats not just the bathroom counter top).

I've been saving up my pennies for months now (would put away money each pay), and I finally was able to buy the essentials to set up my vanity. There are cheaper options other than mine and there are far more expensive options. There are also more original ideas, but I'm so happy with what I've done. 

The drawers and table top are from Ikea and the mirror is from Target(AUS) and the fairy lights I found at the dollar store for like $12 so, yay!

*This is not a makeup collection post so don't be expecting it*

The photos for this post were taken with my iPhone, so I apologise for the quality. (I can't find the memory card for my camera #BloggerProblems)

This is the first picture I took of my vanity 'set up'. I was so excited I just put the mirrors on and my palettes on top, along with my Eiffel Tower that I use to display jewellery. It looks a little different now. But basically the same. 

So, as I said the main furniture was from Ikea. That is the two drawer units and the table top. I'll have links to everything that I can find links to! 

The drawers themselves are the iconic and cult favourite the ALEX drawer unit I got two of the small sets. There is a larger 9 drawer unit also available but as I wanted to use this as a desk situation a 9 drawer unit wouldn't be the best. I got them in the colour white (there are a few colour choices).
Each they were $139.00 AUD.

The desk top is the LINNMON table top. I got the 150cm x 75cm. The colour and finish I chose was the 'high gloss/white'. The regular white top is cheaper but I wanted the high gloss because of a few reasons. I like the way it looks, its so much easier to clean (in my opinion), its so pretty and shiney, it will serve as a fresh background for photos (which I take a lot of product photos so this was a must for me). Basically I wanted it, so I got it. You don't have to, but if you're not sure, this is what it looks like and why I got it. (: This table top was $69.00 AUD - I believe the non gloss was $49.00AUD. There are also many different colours/finishes and sizes for this top.

The great thing about Ikea is that it is totally customisable. The draws each come with sticky rubber gel tabs to put on top so the table top wont slide around. (dat gloss tho). However if you're using just one ALEX drawer set you can buy legs that screw into the other side of the table top and violà you have a table! I really like that its quite a large table top too. I can put things on it for permanent storage but still have enough room to bring my laptop over if I need to. 

So all together the two drawer sets and the table top cost me just under $350.00 AUD ($347.00 to be exact) If you're apart of the Ikea family member group thing? they have bonuses every month and this month it is $15.00 off if you spend over $100.00 so thats great! (btw, this isn't a sponsored post, it'd be nice if it was though!)

Now to some people (myself included) $350 is a lot of money, which is why I've literally been saving for this for 6+ months. Putting a small amount of money away each pay and saving. I finally got it and I'm so happy! (I probably would have had it sooner, but I got hit with a wave of birthdays in June and July)

Now onto what I'll put in the drawers! Makeup of course! Well, beauty bits anyway. Hair stuff and makeup stuff and nail stuff (say stuff one more time, Caitlan, I dare you).

As stated at the start of this post, this isn't a makeup collection post, I might do one later (like a long time later) but thats not the concern right now. 

I'm so excited to buy storage for the drawers, like little containers and dividers etc, my OCD mind is racing about putting everything in its own neat little place and everything being all lined up and mmmm so satisfying! I'm also really excited to display some of my favourite beauty items and just surround myself with what makes me happy. 

Putting the whole thing together was easy-ish. I had to get my fiancé to help me. Not because I couldn't understand the instructions but dear lord, no one tells you how dang heavy those ALEX drawers are! Now I've got a heap of Ikea stuff in my house but this is one of the heaviest things - and I've moved a dining table by myself

The heaviest of all.
The instructions are easy to follow however, you'll need a hammer and both types of screw driver, all they supply you with is an alan-key which yes, you do need. 

Step one: Ask for help!
So, Kris (the fiancé) went out to run some errands and I thought I could at least get one done by the time he got back and I'd be like, super woman and he'd be so impressed with me and there would be proud times all around! This didn't happen. I opened the first box, (a feat in itself really - why glue it all so dang much if it has to be opened???) pulled all the bits out, got a comfy spot on the floor and then realised I needed more tools. I didn't know where they were. So this was the picture I sent to him. With the caption - "I don't know what I'm doing". Once he was home and we found the tools we both put the units together, I did the drawers while he did the frame (and then he did some drawers too because he's faster at it than I am). They were finally built and we shimmied them into the room. I then placed the table top on top which was so easy. The table top is so light. I then had the basis of my 'vanity'.

I then put up the mirror and lights, the palettes and the Eiffel Tower and called it a night! The organisation would start in the morning!

Now to bombard you with photos!

This is currently what it looks like as I write out this post! As you can see there is heaps of desk space to put loads of things! I'll give you some close ups!

This is the left side of the 'vanity'. The Eiffel Tower (I got from Kmart a year or so again) with earrings hanging off it is in the far corner next to my display of makeup palettes (pretty sure they're all eye palettes except one which is a contour palette). They're displayed in a document holder. I really love this idea for displaying palettes and I might pick up another one, the one I have is this one here from Office Works its apart of the Martha Stewart range and it was about $20.00AUD. It fits so much in it, so far in it there are 18 palettes, still with some wiggle room for more. 
The row of purple lids belong to my Rimmel lipsticks (the moisture renew ones) and then there is my little brush holder - I'm pretty sure that came from Office works too. 

A close up of my brush cup! These are the ones I reach for the most, I've just gone through and gotten rid of a lot of old brushes that were shedding and falling apart so now I'm ready to stock up on brushes again! I love the Nude by Nature ones and the Real Techniques ones! I've also got some burts bees lip balms, a blistex tub and some old faithful pawpaw ointment. 

Moving onto the centre of the vanity. The mirror section! Excuse the derpy face. I'm not sure if I'll kep this how it is, but, right now I've got some perfumes to the left, the first is Bvlgari Crystalline eau de toilette. It is one of my favourite perfumes, I discovered it in France and Kris bought it for me for Valentines day one year. (: The other is a Brittany Spears perfume, I've repurchased it 3 times I love it. It was the first perfume that was ever gifted to me (not this bottle but the scent) and whenever I smell it, I feel 16 again in my bedroom at home ready to go somewhere on summer holidays. It is the 'curious' scent.

On the other side of the jars there is my other mirror (also from Ikea) and a glass with my Velourlips.

The three glass jars: The first has cotton rounds that I use for removing my makeup, the middle has cotton balls that I use to remove nail polish etc and the last one is ear buds that have a gazillion uses so they deserve their own jar. 

That little wire thing behind the blue perfume is a little man that Kris made out of the wire ties that were holding some of the Ikea stuff together. He doesn't know I kept it. I think its cute.

To the right of the mirrors: The blue glass is one from the cruise I went on in March. (you can see the anchor of 'Royal Caribbean' the logo of the cruise company). I keep my velourlips in it for now until I can think of a better solution. Next to that is a little glass dish thing that I've had for (don't wanna say it) over a decade. I've had this thing since I was maybe 7? Its always sat on my dressing tables/vanities etc so it deserves a spot on this one. I keep loose change and rings in it. Next to that is my current candle its a coconut triple scented candle. It smells like a tropical beach. Just where I wish I was right now. I keep the box there because a) it's pretty, and b) I like to know what candle I've got out. Finally, behind all of that is a photo of Kris and I. It was taken on our 6 month anniversary (so long ago now!) The frame was a gift for my 21st birthday. 

My 'Vanity' itself is almost all organised, as I said I still need to get containers to put things in, but I'll give you a little sneak peak at what is in there now. 

The left side drawers. 
I've only 'filled' four drawers out of the five on this side. Starting at the bottom: I keep refills of cotton rounds, cotton balls, and also my makeup removers. Next one up is blank at the moment. Above that Is where I keep hair care and hot tools. My NuMe Lustrum set along with hair ties, bobby pins, hair straightener etc. Above that is my eyeshadows and lashes. Anything from quads and trios to small palettes and all my colour tattoos etc and coloured bases. The top drawer has foundations, powders, blushes, bronzers and highlighters etc as well as primers. 

The right side drawers

On the right side set of drawers: The bottom draw has spare makeup bags etc in it, for travel and such things. The draw above that will have my hand creams and moisturisers (not face skin care that lives in the bathroom). The next one up is nail polish and nail art supplies. Above that one is lipsticks which I cant wait to organise! Then the very top one is eyeliners (pencil, gel, liquid and coloured) mascaras and eyebrow pencils, powders etc.

This isn't what I can in depth makeup collection. For some people this will be enough, the post is about my set up, not the contents. 

If you made it all the way to the end congratulations! I hope the pictures got you through. 

If you have any questions please leave a comment I will always respond. Let me know if you'd watch a video tour of my vanity too! 

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