Thursday, 13 August 2015

Going on a NO BUY!

Time to put my saving pants on!

I've done some pretty (for me) extreme spending in the last few months! (there will be a haul post and video coming soon) Granted it wasn't all for me, June and July just seem to be the months of never ending birthdays for me, but spending did happen and I've got some things coming up that I want to save for - not to mention CHRISTMAS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! So, I'm putting myself on a 'NO BUY'.

I got the idea for this post after my good friend Zoe posted about her going on a no buy, we go shopping together all the time and when we're together we have a knack for justifying purchases to not only ourselves but each other, so with us both on a no buy our wallets should be safe (yours too Sarah).

I've set myself up some rules: (and kinda stole some of Zoe's)

  • Repurchases are acceptable - Foundation, Eyeliner etc the necessities.
  • Something that I've taken time out and saved for - NO spur of the moment purchases.
  • If its something that I don't have and its limited edition/clearance and not likely to be sold again, a justification can be made.
One of the reasons I am putting myself on a no buy is because I am going to the hair and makeup trade show and I plan on spending a heap there (hopefully there will be some pretty good deals). #SavingToSpend

Have you ever gone on a 'No Buy'? How long did you last!?

Just a short little post for today, thanks for reading!

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Ciao! X


  1. I've pretty much on a no-buy for months. I've got a few things here and there but generally nothing. It's been so hard! My main thing is just staying away from the mall.

    1. Girl I don't know how you're doing it! I've already almost slipped up a gazillion times! I really want to last until Christmas! (with the exception of a few things that I've been budgeting for)

      Do you have a list of products or anything that you're gonna get after the no buy is over?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Xx