Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July Favourites

Right, so its August, that means its time for my July faves and can I get a small round of applause for getting this post up BEFORE the middle of the month! (Gold star for me)

Now, I only have a few but I really am loving them and I hope you'll like them too! 

Moringa scent from 'The Body Shop'
Now, I have a few things in this scent and I've had them for ages, but to be honest, I have so many gels and soaps etc that I'd forgotten about this. It wasn't until I got a comment on my June Favourites video from a girl talking about her favourites did I remember I had this, and LOVE IT! The one pictured here is the 'Body Milk'. Every now and then when I get out of the shower or the bath I spray this all over and rub it in and my skin is feeling soft and smooth and scented like a beautiful floral goddess! I've been using this in anticipation for the warmer months to hurry up and arrive!

Neutrogena - Fresh Foaming Scrub:
I've had this product for a long time and its always kind of been back and forth from my 'skin care - shower routine' I'd used it and not really realised what it does because I use so many other products. It wasn't until I was in the shower one day actually reading what it does did I think 'hmm, maybe I'll test that out'. On the back of the tube it says

  • Easily removes all traces of dirt, oil and makeup from deep within the pores.
  • Gentile microbeads help wash away dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  • Rinses completely clean, with no pore-clogging residue for refreshingly clean skin.
"Soap Free, Oil Free, Dermatologist tested, Non-comedogenic, Alcohol free".

I'd noticed that my skin was always smooth when I'd used it and that I'd not had a breakout from it, so I thought that was it. The thing I found most interesting was the first point, the removing of makeup, dirty and oil etc. Usually I just wash my face in the shower and then I do my full removal routine, but I thought why not start with this step instead? I got in the shower after a full day of uni and with my makeup still on, wet my hand and face and rubbed everything around making sure to get my mascara all runny and smudged. I looked like something from nightmarish movies that lives in the bottom of a well! I continued with my hair washing and let that sink into my face. I then put some of this on my hands and lathered it up and worked it around my face. To my surprise it got my makeup off! Even the mascara that was around by my ears! This is now a must use step in my makeup removal / skin care routine!

L'Oréal True Match Foundation:
I'm not sure if this has been a favourite before or not, but I've been using other foundations for almost a year now and always had this as a backup and I've finally gotten around to using it again and I don't know why I every stopped. I forgot how great this was! I'm in the shade R3-C3 Rose Beige. Its a little dark for me but I can make it work with setting powders. This applies beautifully with my Chi Chi makeup sponge. I'm so happy to be using this again!

Savvy Lip Stain - Pink Grapefruit:
I'm a lover of Savvy products and a lover of lip products so when I find a lip product that I like from a brand that I love at a SUPER affordable price, I can't not get it. This is a lip stain and it honestly feels like I'm putting highlighter on my face. The applicator isn't a brush its like a nib of a.. well, highlighter! its strange but amazing. The staying power is great! Relatively easy to reapply if need be, but my favourite thing about this is that it has great pigmentation but it feels like I'm not wearing anything on my lips! I sometimes forget I've got anything on until I catch my reflection! There are four colours so far in the range I've got 3 of them, I'll be picking up the 4th very soon!

ModelsPrefer Mineral Powder Soft Touch - Photo Ready:
To start with I didn't know what this powder even was and I'd been back and fourth swatching it for about 2 months (maybe more) I finally decided to pick it up and I'm so glad I did! I've been using it as a face powder to set my foundation and it gives the most flawless 'glow from within' finish. It works great as a way to blend between blush and highlight, its just such a pretty powder. I've been reading reviews of this and the other 3 in the range and they've been compared to some Hourglass products - I wouldn't know because I don't have them, but what I do know is that this is so pretty and I'll be going back to get some more!

For Fox Sake Mug:
Not beauty related (well maybe, I've been thinking of using it for my brushes, but I think I want to drink from it, maybe I'll pick up another one because it was only $2) but I LOVE foxes. I have another little fox statue that sits up on my vanity. ANYWAY! this mug is so adorable, the pun is cute, the pic is gorgeous and its something that I stare at everyday so I just had to include this in here! I think I will pick up another one for my makeup brushes!

My Vanity / Beautification Station:
I've been raving about this since I got it (thanks Ikea). It is so nice to be able to store all of my makeup in one place and have an area that is dedicated to beauty and makeup - be it for actually getting ready or for writing up my beauty posts or filming. I used to do it all at my actual desk where I study and do uni work and it got way too over crowded. So now when I have my laptop on my vanity its dedicated to "ProcrastiCaitlan" things, and when I'm seated at my desk its study time. Its a nice way to have things.
I have a post dedicated to my new vanity you can read that here, I'll also be doing a few more posts on the storage I use etc so keep posted for that!

So I'll leave you with one last pic of my Vanity, ahhh, isn't it just beautiful? Honestly, I'm in love with this furniture!

Thank you for reading! Leave me a comment about what your favourites have been or products that you just love and maybe I'll check them out!

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