Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I'm wearing out.


Haven't written in a little while, I've been so busy with Uni exams, but they're finished now, so I have a few weeks off. YAY!
As a way of celebrating, some of my friends and I are going out for some celebratory drinks in the city tomorrow night. 

I thought I might share with you all what I'm going to wear out. (:

Its a pretty simple outfit, Royal Blue lace top, tucked into a wetlook/ leather skirt, sinched around the waist with a bright red belt with a gold accented buckle. 

I'll be paring this outfit with these...
A cute pair of cherry red kitten heels. 

Because of the red belt and red shoes I'm going to have my makeup with a simple eye and a bold red lip. I'll just have my hair down doing its natural thing like it is in this picture.
The necklace I'm wearing here is actually from the show 'Game of Thrones' Its a Dragon Egg, my boyfriend bought for me for my birthday. (I love that show so much and I've always wanted a pet dragon, ever since I was little)

Other jewellery I'll be wearing will be these cute little stud earrings.
Top of the ear: Small flower stud.
Seconds: Pointed stud
Firsts - lobes: Cross stud. 

Never minding the messy floor of clothes thrown about trying to decide what to wear, I think I'm quite a fan of this look and can't wait to wear this outfit out. 

As it is the middle of winter practically and it will probably be cold, I'll probably wear some leggings/stockings/tights and maybe a crop jacket/blazer. 

What do you wear when you go out?

<3 CM


  1. Woah you lost a bit of weight and you look hotter. I love it