Friday, 13 June 2014

Phase Two: The Revival

Ok, so its safe to say, I suck at this. 
I'm going get back into things and start over, I've deleted the majority of posts ones that were outdated, etc. 

One year ago (one entire year has passed) I started this, which I find somewhat poetic. So, on today, Friday the 13th of June, I'm going to launch phase two: The Revival. I'm going to stick with this now. 

So, whats been happening with me you ask? Well internet lets just see…

I traveled Europe, 
Park Guel, Barcelona, Spain.
Basically bought a house,

and got engaged!
Its blurry but you get the idea..
So since coming back to Australia, I've got no job, full time study, basically no money, 
actually no motivation and I'm spending more money than I ever have. 


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