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First Impression Review - NYX Wicked Lipsticks (half set)

Wearable Weirdness?

I like to experiment with beauty and makeup, I'm sure a lot of people do. When I first saw the new NYX Wicked Lipsticks I knew I wanted them in my life, I swatched them and fell in love with the colours, but I also thought that some of these aren't going to be for everyday use. Since then, I've purchased 6 of the 12 shades and I'll be sharing with you my thoughts along with swatches. 

On the NYX Cosmetics website you can see these beautiful shades along with product description. The website says "Take a walk on the wicked side with our jewel-toned lippies available in 12 shimmering shades. Velvety smooth with a dazzling metallic finish, these richly pigmented lipsticks will leave your lips with the ultimate spellbinding look."

No doubt about it, the colours are unique and magical and I think I will try to get some good use out of them.

The packaging for these lippies is pretty standard, however I like the clear cutout where you can see the actual product colour. I like how a lot more companies are doing this now instead of having a sticker of what the colour is supposed to be but looks nothing like. When the lippies are all lined up next to one another, it does look quite lovely to be able to see the different metallic jewel shades lined up nicely. 

OK, onto the swatches, now as I said, I only have 6 of the 12 shades available, I'll probably be going out and getting the other 6 as soon as I can find them. (Honestly the makeup section in my Target is appalling)

Shade: 02 - Scandalous
NYX Says: A teal with silver shimmer.
I say: Nyx is pretty spot on with the description, I don't think this is as 'jewel toned' and metallic as some of the others, but the colour pay off is pretty good. I can see some people loving this shade as its one of the colours of one of the major sports teams here in Adelaide. Bonnie, Lucy - I'm looking at you. #Carnthepear

I think if this was to be wearable I'd save it for spring and summer - I don't know why, but I think it'd suit the warmer months more. 

Shade: 04 - Wrath
NYX Says: Metallic copper with an orange undertone
I say: Again, I think Nyx was spot on again, its nor necessarily a warm or cool toned shade, I think its a pretty wearable neutral. 

I have a lipstick that is similar to this that I wear all the time and I love it, I think this would be one of the easiest to wear. I will do a look using this lipstick and probably start wearing it on the daily. 

I think this colour would suit every skin tone also, not all the shades in this line would suit everyone, but I believe this one would. 

Shade: 05 - Sinful
NYX Says: Deep Cobalt blue with silver pearl
I Say: I'm not quite sure what 'silver pearl' is, but I don't really see it so much in this lipstick once it is on the lips, the bullet of product looks very 'pearly' however, it isn't transferred so well onto the lips, which in my opinion make it easier to wear. It still has a nice metallic sheen in some light, but for the most part, it has a nice cream finish. 

I love this shade and want to start to incorporate it into daily use - it is intense, but just remember a few years ago when wearing purple was un speakable and now look at it, purple is everywhere and one of my favourite shades to wear. I want this colour to take off!

Shade: 06 - Stone Cold
NYX Says: Metallic Silver.
I Say: ehh… This shade is the most sheer out of them all (the ones that I have). It took me so much work to even get that much on my lips, I would say it is more white than silver but thats neither here nor there. It seems like the more product you try and wipe on, the more of it just wipes off. It is a shame because this is a really pretty shade. Probably not something that I'd wear on the daily, but I'd try and find a way to use it. (I will anyway but this one takes some work)

Maybe using a lip brush and applying it over the top of some shades might be a good way to use it. I'll keep you posted. 

Shade: 07 - Immortal
NYX Says: Bright purple with purple shimmer.
I Say: Pretty spot on. It leaves a nice pearly shimmer on the lips that isn't over the top. Its a lovely dark purple shade. 

The colour pay off is ok, but this shade is buildable unlike 'Stone Cold' you can apply more over the top and it wont smear off. 

I feel like this is one of the more wearable shades, and that this will be a good transition shade into finally wearing the deep blues in the collection. 

Shade: 12 - Envy
NYX Says: Royal metallic blue with silver shimmer.
I Say: Correct. Again they're pretty on point with the description. This shade does go on a bit sheer so you will need to build it up, but it is easy to do. 

This shade is a cross between 'Sinful' and 'Immortal' (in my opinion). 

It has a nice pearly shimmer on the lips but isn't glittery or gritty. 

These lipsticks are very easy to apply, they're firm in the packaging which means when applying pressure to really pack on the colour you're not worried about the bullet snapping off (as much - lets be real the fear is always there). The packaging has a nice satisfactory click when you twist the lipstick down, it locks into place so you can apply it without it twisting back into the tube. Its the little things like this that really take a product from good to great. 

While yes, the colours might not be everyones cup of tea, I can certainly see some people rocking some of these shades, even if its not on the daily, these will go great with themed looks or parties etc. I plan on wearing some on the daily though. 

Even though these colours are intense, the formula isn't drying at all and they wear SUPER easy to take off, no scrubbing needed (the best thing when doing a lipswatch post)

I think that these lipsticks will look so beautiful against a matte finish foundation. Also, the use of lipliner to really carve out and define the lips added with these shades will look gorgeous. It almost makes me want to go out and start using lip liner. 

Bottom line… Will I wear these?
Do I recommend them to other?
Sure, why not - play around and have some fun. 

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**All the 'NYX SAYS' sentences were taken from the nyxcosmetics website. 


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