Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Swatch & First Impressions


I've been doing a fair few first impression reviews lately, sorry if this isn't your favourite kind of thing, I'll be mixing it up again soon!

This product was a spur of the moment buy for me, I wanted something small and compact, mainly I wanted it for the mirror but the fact that there were 10 shades in there was a bonus. The size of the palette is about the size of my iPhone 4S. It is the perfect size for having in the side pocket of my handbag. 

On to the product, I'll start with the packaging. It comes in this (what I can only describe as a) dust jacket/sleeve that in my opinion is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay packaging boxes, nice and sleek. The 'cover' has the image of makeup powders with bold black writing, and then down the 'spine' of the 'sleeve' it is inverted, so the writing has the look of makeup. It may go un noticed to most but I think it is a really nice touch. 

When you take the actual palette out, it is a nice sleek black case, made of strong plastic, it feels sturdy, which is good, because this little guy is going to be fighting for life against my uni books and god knows what else is in my hand bag - I don't think I could ever reveal to the world just what my handbag looks like in one of those tag videos. 

The packaging of the palette itself is plane and simple which I think is perfect, there is no need to put on more bells and whistles when you can see it all on the little sleeve anyway. When you open the palette up, it reveals the mirror and the 10 shades, there is also one of those foam applicators that come standard with small palettes these days, I don't use them so I won't be fussed if I lose it. There is also a clear sheet of plastic with the names of the shades written on them. I will probably keep this as I like to know what shades I'm using and in my opinion it also protects the mirror and shadows somewhat. 

For some reason the shadow of the writing made it blurry when I uploaded the picture, so I'll just let you know what the colours are. 

Left to Right Top Row: Bare, Sand, Golden, Glisten, Earth
Left to Right Bottom Row: Bliss, Natural, Desert, Nature, Willow

You can see the mirror in all its glory, it is the perfect size. I love the mirrors in all Models Prefer palettes they are always just the right size. 

Here you can see the shades without the plastic overlay. There is a mix of warm and cool tones along with a mix of shimmer and matte shades. Out of the 10 shades there are 4 matte and 6 shimmer and the shimmer range from satin finish to intense almost metallic finish. The quality of these shades are great and I feel like they'd work with most skin tones. 

Now onto the swatches. I have NOT used any primer or anything like that to change the formulation of the shades, they're just one swipe against my skin (which is pretty pale). Obviously you can use an eyeshadow base or a product like fix plus by MAC to make the shadows more pigmented, but for some I don't think they need it. 


Bare, Sand, golden, Glisten, Earth                                                 Bliss, Natural, Desert, Nature, Willow

I would say that the shimmer shades are better than the mattes, but thats only because matte shades are hard to get perfect no matter what brand is making them. However, the first colour 'Bare' is so pretty and shows up beautifully. This would look gorgeous as a brow highlight or an all over lid colour. I think with this palette you can achieve many looks and then easily put it in your bag to carry with you incase you should ever need any touch ups. 

One thing that I love about this is that there are suggested looks on both the sleeve protector thing and the palette itself. I love when companies give you some examples and step by step pictorials on how to use their product!

Over all for my first impression. I'm quite excited, I do love Models Prefer products and I always suggest them. I'll be using this product and hopefully posting a few looks with it so keep a look out for that. 

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