Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Review and Swatches!

Models Prefer: 'Nude' and 'Day to Night' Palettes.

A few posts down, you'll see the palette that started this obsession, that's the Models Prefer 'Party Glam' palette - I'm not sure if I said in that post that I'd go back and buy the other palettes in the 'range' but well, what do you know… I have, and now, I'm here to give you my 2c worth. 

Packaging: Obviously the packaging is the same as the other palette, its sleek and feels quite 'heavy duty' like these palettes could take a beating (or at least survive carry on luggage). Each of the palettes cost $10AUD and come with a double ended brush - that is quite good quality in my opinion. Much like the 'Urban Decay Naked Palettes'. I'm now just going to jump right into the swatches. 

Nude Palette:

This is palette has matte and shimmer shades. The matte shades take a bit of work but once you've worked them in a bit, they are lovely. The shimmer shades don't need much work at all. They've great pigmentation and colour payoff.

  1. Bare: This matte colour almost doesn't show up against my white skin, but it does have pigment. It is a slightly cream white colour perfect for inner eye brightening. 
  2. Naked: This isn't quite a shimmer or a matte so for shades like this I'm going to class them as a 'pearl' or 'satin' finish. Its a warm undertoned almost honey colour. 
  3. Afterglow: A beautiful warm pinky shimmer shade. Beautiful over the whole lid. 
  4. Flushed: Satin finish warm brown colour. Great for crease blending. 
  5. Nude: Slightly cooler gold tone satin finish shade, almost an olive green/brown. 
  6. Glow: An iridescent pearly white shade. Subtle yet pigmented. 
  7. Taupe: A sliver/brown shimmer. Perfect for a brown smokey eye. 
  8. Golden: This is my favourite colour in the palette. It has so much pigment and colour payoff and is a beautiful yellow gold. Perfect for all eye colours. 
  9. Rich: More on the matte side of things, a good colour for the crease. 
  10. Burnished: A matte brown. Good for matte smokey eye.
  11. Hazel: Another matte brown, this is a good transition colour, good for blending. I blend this with a purple shimmer for a beautiful smokey eye look.
  12. Cocoa: A matte chocolate brown. Warm undertones, good for blending. Takes a little bit of control to work with, but the finish is beautiful.

Day to Night Palette:

Also a mix of mattes and shimmers, let this palette be all you need to carry with you in you handbag in the office. This palette can take you from a simple fresh everyday eye look to a sultry smokey eye in a sneaky second. With a good sized mirror and a double ended brush - what more could you want!?

(Sorry for swatches: Too many colours not long enough arms - Its a daily struggle)

  1. Deadline: A matte white (which again almost doesn't show up on my white, white skin) this colour needs a lot of work, and to be honest is probably my least favourite our of all three palettes, I hope you have more luck with it than I do. It is good for blending shades together. 
  2. Voicemail: Is a more pigmented version with a better colour payoff of 'Deadline'. Good for inner third of the eyelid, and blending colours together. 
  3. Overtime: A golden shimmer, beautiful for over the entire lid. 
  4. Workaholic: A satin finish honey brown. Good for some neutral every day looks. 
  5. Co Worker: A deeper olive version of 'Workaholic' these two would transition well into one another. 
  6. Overachiever: This is a beautiful deep red/brown. Some gorgeous smokey eyes can be done with this colour.
  7. Coffee Break: Blending this nice deep brown with 'Overachiever' would make a nice sultry look. With some flirty lashes, you're ready for that night out after work. 
  8. After Hours: A nice matte chocolate brown, almost has purple undertones. Would be night to use with an angled brush to use as eyeliner for a softer subtle look, rather than harsh black winged liner. 
  9. Hot Date: Another "let down" unfortunately. After some work it does have a nice colour, I recommend using primer with this. It is a matte so it does require more work. Give it a go. 
  10. Happy Hour: This colour is a silvery lavender colour, perfect for a pop of shimmer to the middle of the lid. 
  11. Down Time: Shimmery gunmetal blue grey, could make for some interesting looks. Maybe blended with 'Happy Hour'. 
  12. Night Time: A matte charcoal black. Not as pigmented as some matte blacks on the market, but after a little bit of effort, it blends well for a nice smooth smokey look. 

These are my honest opinions and even though some colours are better quality than others, I still would recommend these palettes, the mattes are a bit 'hit and miss' but the shimmers are gorgeous. 12 shades and a double ended brush with the price tag of $10AUD. Why not?

Let me know if you have any of these palettes or have tried the Models Prefer range before. I love this brand and will be purchasing from them in the future. 

Ciao! X


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