Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Product Review

Models Prefer 'Party Glam' Palette

This palette was a spur of the moment buy. My sister and I were in Priceline and we saw it there, but we were annoyed that there wasn't an open one for in-store swatching. I saw that it was only $10AUD and decided that out of the 12 shades there had to be at lease one that I would like, plus this comes with a dual-ended eyeshadow brush so in those thoughts, I quickly justified this purchase to my shopaholic makeup addicted mentality. I am so glad I did though, because I'm going to go back and get the other palettes on offer.

Starting with the box its packaged in: Front and back have a nice clean chic look, nothing too busy to distract the buyer. The ingredients are listed clearly and very easy to read. Nothing too 'fancy' or 'glitzy' for something called the 'party glam' palette. 

Now on to the product itself. Right off the bat, all I can think about is my Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 palettes. It has the same shape case complete with the mirror, and even similar in colour and it is the same size. (my Naked 2 palette fits in the box) To be honest, I don't care. The Urban Decay packaging is great, and why not copy a good thing? The mirror is a little flimsy but will do the job in a pinch if this was the only mirror you had. The slimline and quality of the case makes it perfect for travel, and with the array of colours included in the palette, you have something for every occasion. I've worn an 'every day' look as well as a 'party' look using only colours from this palette. I also like how well the case closes - with a satisfying 'click'. To me this is important as I don't want it flinging open and damaging the shadows.

And now on the the best part; The swatches! In the image below are all the colours from the palette with NO primer on underneath and they're only ONE swipe in the shadow and onto my skin. The colour pay off is amazing. only minimal fallout from one or two of the shades, easy to blend and very build-able. There are no 'matte' shades in this palette. I'm curious as to know if there are any in some of the other palettes on offer, but in a palette with the name 'Party Glam' I wasn't really expecting anything super matte. 

Colour Descriptions:
I'll now go into a little bit of detail on each of the colours trying my best to describe them, including any pro's or con's I have about them.

  1. Foxy: More of a 'grey'/'cool toned' shimmer, more of a 'silver' rather than a pearly colour. Great for a transition blend and adding depth to the inner corner. 
  2. Envy: Cool toned blue more on the greener side. Beautiful gold toned shimmer. 
  3. Disco Ball: One of my favourites. This is a pearly white shimmer. Perfect for inner corner highlight or even adding shimmer to the brow bone. 
  4. Princess: One of my favourite colours - I used this as the main colour on my eyes in the look below. A very peachy pink similar to that of 'Buzz' and 'Burnout' from the Naked 3 palette. 
  5. Tease: A mix between 'Trick' from Naked3 and 'Half Baked' from Naked 1. An absolutely gorgeous warm gold colour perfect for a pop of colour in the middle of the lid when wearing a neutral eye.
  6. High Heels: Goldy Brown perfect for outer corner / crease. 
  7. Suspect: A beautiful colour - however some might find it hard to pull off. Bright maroons and pinks are quite hard to wear without looking ill. However if blended right, this colour is stunning. Great shimmer and very buildable. Gorgeous transition colour between 'Princess' and 'Mysterious'
  8. Mysterious: More of a brown toned maroon. I wore this in the outer corner into the crease today and it looked beautiful. With 'Suspect' as the transition colour.
  9. Royalty: The name says it all. It is a very regal royal blue. Silver shimmer undertones. Very buildable and easy to work with. I used this along my top lash line and winged it out for simple yet eye catching look. I was wearing a dress similar to that in colour and it tied it all together nicely. (I'll try and find a pic to insert)
  10. Midnight: A nice deep blue would be great for the outer corner blending into 'Royalty' with a touch of 'Disco Ball' and 'Foxy' on the inner corner' (I might re-create that look)
  11. Busted: A beautiful gun metal grey, with a kind of brown/green undertone. Could look quite nice blended into 'High Heels' or on its own.
  12. Blackout: Shimmery dark grey / black. Quite sheer to start with, but, again - very blendable. 
One thing I'd also like to mention, is the names of the colours. Firstly, I love it when companies give names for their colours, its just fun. Secondly, I think the names suit the colours perfectly. 

Get the look:

This eye makeup is using only colours from this palette and after a solid 13 hours of wear AND for some reason I had an irritated eye/hay fever today which meant I was rubbing (shouldn't do that) at my eyes a lot. I'm quite impressed. The colours I used were:
Princess: all over the lid, Foxy: in the inner corner, Disco Ball: blending Foxy and Princess together, Suspect: on the outer third, Mysterious: blending over Suspect and into the outer V/ Crease.

I didn't have any primer on my eyes, and I only used the brush that came with the palette. 

Poor iPhone Quality. But you should be able to see the colour 'Royalty' lining my upper lash line, tying my makeup to my dress. Its obviously a gorgeous colour to contrast against a bright red lip.

Final Words:
I recommend this palette. It has some great dupes for some really high end products and I'm very curious to see what the other palettes in this range have to offer. 

Let me know if you'd like to see some looks with this palette. 

I'll be uploading a video to my YouTube Channel reviewing this and doing a few colour blending examples so stay tuned for that!

Ciao! X