Thursday, 9 October 2014

Spring Style

So spring is well and truly here. This post will be a bunch of things that I am already loving this year and can't wait to wear in Spring and Summer!

In this picture we have just a few things that I can guarantee will be getting a lot of use this spring/summer. Some of these I've had for ages, some are new purchases but to me they all scream 'warm weather'.

Now, I'm no fashion icon, but I think these simple additions to your wardrobe will be worth it.

The jewellery: Some of these items I've had for years, some are recent additions, the large flower necklace is the newest piece and I think I picked that up from Target or K-mart for about $10.
The rings I've had for a while and I can say I wouldn't have spent over $5. To be honest, they probably came in some kind of bulk pack. For jewellery such as this - 'costume' jewellery, I don't care much for quality, I shop for what I like. 

The sunglasses are a gorgeous pair of heart framed sunglasses I got online at Forever21. They probably still have them online. They're cute and I get a lot of compliments on them. It's just a bonus they keep the sun out of my eyes. 

The belt I got from Target (I'm gonna estimate) 4 years ago? I've had it for such a long time. It's a simple braided brown leather belt. It goes with everything and I wear it almost everyday. I think a universal piece like this is essential for anyone's closet. 

The sandals are a new edition also, they're cute for the warmer months. Bit also look great with a pair of skinny jeans if the nights are a bit cool. 

Finally, the bag. This is one of my favourite new bags. Usually I carry a large handbag that can hold everything (similar to Hermione's bag from Harry Potter) but on days where I don't need it and only want to fit the essentials. I carry this. It fits my purse, a bottle of water my sunglasses, camera and some snacks. (Usually mixed nuts or a muesli bar) I love that it has a long strap. I like wearing my bags across the body. 

So this brings is to the end of this odd little post. These are some of my must haves for the warmer months. What are yours?  Let me know in the comments. 

Ciao! X


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