Saturday, 13 June 2015

Retail Therapy

Its that time of the year again folks… Exam time. 
Ugh, I hate it, even the word 'exam' makes me feel vomity. I had my first exam of the season today and while I think I did ok, I was still feeling pretty average about it. So after the exam, me and my bestie hopped on the good old B10 and headed into the city! 

Destination: Myer Centre Rundle Mall
Targets: Mac and Priceline
Mission: Success

Our first port of call was the MAC counter in Myer. I knew exactly what I wanted to get, so naturally, I looked around, touched and swatched everything and made a mental 'I want' list. Before buying anything, we looked around all the other high end counters. Sarah wasn't sure on what she wanted to get, so I was more than happy to explore with her. The buddy system works even for shopping. 

We went to the mecca section and I fell in love with a Sila palette. Its one of the 'Eyes are the window' palettes and its in the shade 'Soul' - so much lust for that palette. I have decided that I want to save up and get it, the palette in 'Body' is also gorgeous and I want that one also. 

We bumped into a friend of ours whilst in the midst of shopping, she's also a makeup lover and an all around great human being. It was great to see her. 

Time to buy. We went back to MAC and I went over to get what I was after, Fix+. I've been umming and ahhing over it for a while. I really want it for some eyeshadows I have that aren't as pigmented as they could be and for my loose pigments to make it easier to apply. I'm glad I got it. I've been experimenting with it since I got it and I LOVE IT!

After MAC we made our way over to priceline. I also knew exactly what I wanted to pick up, but unfortunately, they didn't have the one I wanted in the shade I wanted, so I picked up this shade instead (also on my list of the ones I wanted). Its a lipstick by Face Of Australia. 

It is one of their 'Lasting Looks Lip Creme' in the shade 'Coral on & on'. It is a beautiful colour. Suited more for spring and summer and not really seasonally appropriate for this time of year, but I've been wearing this on the days that are unseasonably sunny, so that makes it work! 

I love the packaging of this lipstick, its quite chic and elegant, I love the white of the tube and the engraved FOA logo on the metal. It is just a beautiful product and with a price tag of $10.95AUD I think it is very reasonable. These lipsticks also have a beautiful vanilla scent similar (but in my mind better) than the MAC scent. So far I'm liking this lipstick, I'll probably buy more, I'll keep you posted.

This last thing I picked up on a whim(ish) I'd been eyeing it off the last few times I went in to priceline and I noticed it was a new product, and seeing it at the 'first release sale price' made me want to try it even more, so I picked it up. 

It is the 'xxTreme' ScandalEyes mascara by Rimmel London. I mainly wanted to try it because of the applicator. The wand for this product looks so interesting. Its curved which is nice, but there are two types of bristles for two different types of application. One for length and the other for volume. I've used it a few times and I'm really enjoying it. 

So these are the things I picked up in my little 'Retail Therapy' session. Do you do much retail therapy? I'd love to know what items are on your 'I want' list. 

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