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Chi Chi Dynamic Duo - Swatches

Mattes and Bronzes!

Chi Chi have a huge range of eyeshadow palettes out and I've always seen them around, but I've never really purchased anything from Chi Chi. This isn't because I don't like the brand - how can I not like something without ever trying it. I usually do my makeup shopping at Priceline and they don't stock it (or the ones I shop at don't stock it - I'm not sure about others) and the makeup section at target is always filthy and destroyed. Normally the Chi Chi 'Glamorous' palettes retail for $22.95 AUD and I'm sorry, but I think that is just a bit on the pricey side. I've got palettes from other brands that include a double ended brush for $10.00 AUD.

I had seen the palettes before and knew that if I liked them enough, I'd budget and get one, but I knew being the 'completist' I am (once I get one thing in the set I need to get them all even if there is one I don't like - I'm like the Slughorn of beauty) I'd have to get them all and then I'd be poor forever so I'd always just overlooked them, that is until now...

I went shopping with my bestie and fav cosmetic companion in the city last week and came across this set. It is one of the 'Dynamic Duo' sets that contain two of the 'Glamorous' palettes. In total there are 16 palettes. Now if I was to pay $23.00 for each palette thats $368.00 AUD and I don't think I can do that. The dynamic duo sets which contain two of the palettes retail for $30.00 AUD thats cheaper than buying two single palettes and with this, I purchased my first Chi Chi palettes. I got the 'Mattes' and 'Bronzes' palettes. You can find the entire list of palettes right here! 

EYE SHADOW COLLECTION: Chi Chi's collection of velvety soft, highly pigmented eye shadows are easily blended to create individual looks. They may be worn sheer or dramatic, wet or dry to reflect your mood or desire. CAUTION: The increased attention to your eyes may get some getting used to!!!
(Sorry about the photo quality, I didn't realise it was blurry until I uploaded it.)

There are a few sets of the dynamic duo ones 8 in total, so you'd think there would be each palette in a set. WRONG - some of the palettes have one that is already in another set eg, the Mattes palette is in two dynamic duo sets, so be mindful of that. I still think I'd buy all that I could of the dynamic sets and then get the ones that aren't in a set separately because I'm still saving money, but that is future Caitlan's purchase problem. 

First Impressions:


 The packaging on these palettes seems pretty sturdy. I like the clean lines and simplicity of the design on the palettes.

One of the things I don't like is the applicator situation. In each palette there are two small double ended foam applicators. These things annoy the crap out of me and I honestly don't know anyone who uses them. I'm not saying a brush needs to be included I'd prefer no brush than these. I wonder if it would be cheaper if they weren't included.

One of the other downfalls of the palette packaging is that the shadows aren't named. I'm not saying they have to be, but it is easier when giving a review to be able to name the better shades instead of saying the 8th one across etc. Also, it makes it easier to see if there are any double ups in other palettes. Sometimes you just cant tell by looking at it if you already have that shade in another palette.

Just little things that ticked me off when inspecting the palette up front. I don't have many bad things to say about the shadows themselves its just purely packaging that was a let down.




I wish there were names of the shadows so it would be easier for me to talk about them, alas there is not.

For a palette full of matte shades, I had high expectations. I wanted to like at least six of the shades (half of the palette) for it to seem like a good purchase to me. I saw some shades that I was really interested in and I'm glad with the turn out. Keep in mind too, these are with no primer on. 

All together the shades are pretty pigmented, it might not seem that way because I'm so pale and some of the shades don't show up in the photo. Please watch the video if you're interested in seeing them clearer. 

Some shades need a little more work than others and there was fall out on some shades, but not as much as I was expecting. I think for a palette of mattes this is actually pretty good and I would recommend it. I've not had a chance to use it in any looks yet so they might apply differently to the eye and I'm keen to apply them with some primer too. 

Even if you cant do any full looks with this palette, there are great shades to blend into the crease as transition shades, and also the two pale shades look like great brow highlights. 

Favorite shades: 6 - Dark chocolate brown
10 - Khaki green
11 - Navy blue


The bottom photo does not do this justice at all, it doesn't pick up any of the shimmer and glitter that these shadows have. Please watch the review video to see them at better quality.

Of the two palettes this is the one that I was most excited for. Warm, earthy tones, shimmer and sparkle - this is totally up my alley. 

There are only a few matte shades in this palette which I don't mind considering I have the all matte palette anyway and to be honest I don't wear that many matte shades anyway (well why did you buy that matte palette? because I want to start wearing them more).

I think this palette is 100% usable for daily looks, I wear shades like this every day I think they're beautiful and I think I'll get a lot of use out of this palette. I'm most excited to wear all the copper and gold tones, as we're coming into Autumn/Fall here in Australia and I love wearing these tones on my eyes in this season. I don't think there is a shade in this palette that I don't like / wouldn't use.

The third colour across doesn't quite show up on my arm in the photo (because I'm so pale), but it is a beautiful shimmer shade. I'm keen to check it out as a face highlight to see how it performs. 

Favorite shades: 5: Orange gold
6: Copper
9: Shimmery brown with purple undertones
10: Magenta berry

I'm sure I'll be doing looks using these palettes and now that I've started I will probably be having more blog posts in the future about the other 'Glamorous' Palettes by Chi Chi. 

Let me know if you've used these palettes or others in the range and what you think about them. 

Thanks for reading. 

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