Saturday, 21 February 2015

Makeup Social Mystery Mascara

First Impression / Review

So I use the app 'Makeup Social' and through this I have the chance to be sent a product for review. 
I was lucky enough to be apart of this and got sent a 'Mystery Mascara'.

The reason it is a mystery is because we are told nothing about the product including the brand - this is so we have no bias and give an honest review. I think its a great idea.

This review is all my honest opinions. I happened to really like the product. 
Mystery Mascara

First Impressions:
As you can see it is one of the silicone/plastic bristled applicators and this is my favourite thing about it. I really prefer these kind of brushes. On the outer curve you can see that the bristles are longer and form a curve themselves and on the bottom the bristles are small and almost comb like. This made it really easy to get to the bottom lashes. I like the overall shape and curve of the applicator - it gave the final result a nice look, this mascara is great for length and separation not so much volume - I actually like mascaras like this for 'every day wear' and a more 'natural look'.

This product also has no distinct smell either which for some people can be a real issue. 

The size of the applicator is just right I think, it should fit most eye sizes and shapes. I find that when mascaras have a larger applicator/brush it becomes difficult to apply and I end up getting black smudges all over my eye area and usually the bridge of my nose.

Favourite Feature:
I like the shape and bristles of the applicator and also the formula. It isn't too runny and coats the lashes nicely. It is also really easy to remove and doesn't flake throughout the day or upon other coats. 
Top Left Eye: One coat
Top Right Eye: Nothing
Bottom Eyes: Two Coats Top; One Coat Bottom

Would I Purchase This Mascara:
I like the overall look this mascara gives off. Nice long natural looking lashes, nothing too thick or clumpy. My lashes are on the full side anyway but are also not very long, I like lengthening mascaras a lot. This also gives off a great curve and I would purchase this mascara. I think it is a great one to have in your beauty stash. 
Which Company Do I Think Created This Mascara:
I think it is a benefit mascara, the new 'roller lash'. I think it is this for a few reasons. 
  1. The formula reminds me a lot of my other benefit mascara - 'They're Real'
  2. I noticed the brush is actually a baby pink colour and that fits in with benefit quite well. 
  3. Makeup Social have done things with Benefit in the past so why not again?

I have done a video review on this product also on my youtube channel: Procrasticaitlan
and if you want to see this mascara in action head on over. There are links to this on my blog site.
I hope you like this kind of post and if you do I'll be doing more review type posts in the future. I love the app Makeup Social and think you should look into it if you also love cosmetics, hair and makeup. 
I'll do a post once we are told what the Mystery Mascara is. I hope I'm right and it is the benefit one. I'd also really like to know what it is so I can buy it. 

Who do you think created this product?

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