Monday, 2 February 2015

Beauty News

New Products!

There are some new products coming to Australia and I'm so thrilled and full of excitement I just had to post about it. Are you excited about this as much as I am? Let me know! 


I'm sure you'll know by now my absolute adoration to Australis Cosmetics, and in particular the VelourLips range. So when I found out there were releasing five new shades into the range, I had to tell somebody. I was trawling the A/C instagram feed when I stumbled upon the first release, then as I kept my eyes peeled I saw that they're are having five new shades to be released early Feb. To say I am keen is a massive understatement. I own all but two of the original VelourLips line and will be getting the new shades as soon as I can. **Added bonus there is a 30% off Australis Cosmetics at Priceline until the 11th of Feb 2015**

Here are the pics of the new shades that will be up for grabs.
BUDA-PASH                                                      ~                                                      SHANG-HI                           
BAR-THA-LONA                    ~                    DOO-BAI                    ~                    RO-MA
*These pics are not my own, they're taken from the Australis Cosmetics Instagram page and all credit goes to them. 
I'm so happy with these new shades and I think the darker shades are going to be VERY popular coming into the cooler months! I am so excited for 'DOO-BAI'! Not only is the colouring amazing. I can just imagine it on my lips already, but Dubai is a special place to me it will bring back memories every time I wear it. The same goes with 'SHANG-HI' I love dark berry lips for the colder months and I am going to be traveling through Shang-hai next month so yet again they'll bring on some memories.

This whole collection is amazing, I love that the shades are named after places because it reminds me of all the places I've been able to travel.

Memory lane aside, I can not wait to get my hands on these. I already know I won't be disappointed.

Next bit of beauty gossip!

Urban Decay comes to AUSTRALIA!

Photo from

MECCA MAXIMA is going to be stocking the brand Urban Decay! I am so excited! Finally Australia is starting to get more and more brands. The price - I'm going to assume - will be around the same as Nars etc, it is a higher end brand so one expects to pay more, but there is no way we will be paying anything near the American prices, SephoraAus shot that hope out of the sky when they expect people to pay $60.00 for the Becca Skin Perfecters. I'll make a whole other post about price inflation another time. Lets not dwell on sad, lets get excited for Urban Decay!

I know for a fact the Naked pallets will be in high demand, and I'm glad I already have mine, I feel a slight sense of accomplishment being an Australian and having the 3 Naked Pallets (granted, I did buy them when I was overseas (and one was a gift - still purchased overseas) but I'm more excited about the other products and pallets that will be up for grabs. Urban Decay have some of my favourite eyeliners long lasting and great colours. I really hope MECCA start bringing in some other brands too or at least I hope Australia starts getting in different brands, they don't have to be high end, I'd love it if I could get Milani products from my local Priceline.

The release date for UD in MECCA stores is Friday 27th of March

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