Thursday, 11 September 2014

August Favorites!

My favourite things for the month of August!

Well guys, September is well and truly here and it is time for me to share with you some of the things I have been loving about August. 

To see me talk about these favourites and a few more, watch my youtube video!
The majority are beauty related except for one. Lets get started!

This is a portable vibration speaker. This is by the brand 'Yellowsone'. I picked this up from JB Hi-Fi for apporx $10 - $15 a few months ago and of course I used it, but I lost it for a little while and really started using it again in August - it came with me to Melbourne and it was awesome! So compact and easy to travel with. They work when the music device - phone or Ipod etc is placed in direct contact with the speaker - so make sure your phone case is off. (Unless you have an iPhone 4S and place it face down) - thats what I do. 

It is compatible with most phones just wiggle it around to get the best position for the speaker to pick up the vibrations. It takes 3 x AA Batteries and they last for a long time! It is super affordable and portable and such a good idea. They come in a range of different colours and you should be able to get them here. It is going to come in so handy for all the picnics and beach trips that will happen when the weather warms up!

Here we have a Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub. This, as the name implies is an exfoliating salt scrub, and it leaves you feeling pampered and silky smooth. I use this once a week all over my body when I'm in the bath, I rub it into my skin in small circular motions then let the oils seep into my skin as I sit in a nice hot bath. I come out silky smooth and smelling divine and I still smell like it the next day. I recommend using it all over your body except your face as salt is (in my opinion) too harsh of an exfoliant for your face. If you would like, dip a cotton pad in the oil and rub that into your skin after your face routine. It leaves the face smooth and smelling delicious. This cost $20.00 for 650g and it has lasted a long time. I will be re-purchasing. It is available from Priceline. 

Right here is a Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush. I've talked about this before in my 'Spring Essentials' Post. Its fantastic. Definitely a favourite. 

There are two favourites here, one is the ALMAY brow pencil. Its one of the twist pencils. It is all I have been using on my brows for months now and I thought it deserved a write up. It goes on so easy and it is kind of a waxy texture once applied and that acts as a gel to hold your brows in place. Love this product. 

The one underneath that is my all time favourite Liquid Eyeliner. Its by Bourjois, its the 16hr liner and it is fantastic. It has such a small, fine brush, you can get the perfect winged liner in seconds. It is so simple to use and I always recommend this to people. 

Two mascara favourites. I apply the Bourjois mascara to my lashes first, that does a great job at adding some curl and definition, then I go over with the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara for added length and volume. I use the Bourjois mascara every day and its great, I never used to like it but it has definitely grown on me. I didn't like the benefit one either, but after a few uses and once I relised that using it along with the Bourjois one would give such amazing results, I'm in love. 

They work so well together. The benefit one was a bit pricey and I was un happy with the purchase when I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but now that I do. I recommend benefit, if you want to treat yourself to a slightly more 'high end' product. 
Vintage Pink; Fancy; Pure Heroine

Three lipsticks have made it into the favourite list this month, two from Rimmel and one from MAC. 

The two from Rimmel are from the moisture renew range and I've talked about this range before, and even the colour 'Fancy' was mentioned in my Spring Essentials post. 

The lipsticks stand true to the 'Moisture Renew' name. They glide on effortlessly and your lips feel instantly moisturised. They're long lasting too which is always something that I like in a lipstick. 

 Colour 180 - Vintage Pink - is exactly how its described. A gorgeous dusty rose pink something that to me, screams 'old hollywood' It is a gorgeous shade that can be worn on the every day basis that can even be worn out at night, its not too pink for the office or school, but its not 'boring' or too nude to be worn to dinner or drinks. Definitely a staple piece.

Fancy is a very pretty baby pink with slight gold toned shimmer through it that makes the lips look natural and innocent and yet when the light hits them, the gold shines and then you honestly do feel a little bit Fancy.

The packaging is perfect, clean and simple. I recommend these colours to all who ask me about what a 'good lipstick' is. They suit all skin tones, and much to my excitement, my friend who read my previous 'Spring Essentials' post went out and bought one of these lipsticks. She has the Vintage Pink and she is quite a few shades paler than I am and it suits her skin tone perfectly.

This MAC lipstick was meant for me. It is the Lorde collaboration with MAC and when I found out about it, I knew I had to have it.

It is a nice dark plum colour, iconic of the young super star singer. I love her music and I love rocking a dark plum lip so when I saw this advertised I needed to have it.

I finally bought it, sadly, we're coming into warmer weather and I might not be able to wear it as much as I would have liked, but as soon as there is a cloudy or dark day, this bad boy is coming out and I'm going to rock it!

The consistency, like all MAC lipsticks is nice and smooth. It has the iconicly MAC vanilla scent which is so pleasant. 

The colour lasts a very long time, however like all dark lipsticks does tend to bleed into the skin, so be sure to use a lip liner before hand to avoid this fashion faux pas!

Packaging is MAC standard. Sleek black tube, classic lipstick. I picked this up for $36.00 at the MAC store and it is also available online at the MAC Cosmetics website!

And there you have it! these have been my favourite products for the month of August! I'm already compiling a new list for September so be sure to look out for that. Be sure to watch the video to hear me talk about these products and a few more! 


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