Monday, 21 July 2014

Nail Art Tutorial

Aztec Gold

This style of print is everywhere you look, jewellery, fashion and even nail art, I love it. Its perfect for spring and summer with light colours and pastels but with a change of colour it can be just the right amount of detail for a winter look.

Step One: Clean Nails
Remove all nail polish and then give them a once over with some nail polish remover to make sure they're nice and clean.
Step Two: The Product.
I'm using three Sally Hansen polishes for this. They're all from the 'HARD as NAILS XTREME WEAR' range and they're some of my personal favorite polishes to use.
 The three polishes are:
'100' "Invisible" a clear coat I use as a top coat.

'300' "White On" a nice opaque white.

'485' "Golden Eye" a gorgeous gold shade that goes on smooth but has plenty of sparkle

This is nail stripping tape, I got this and about 25 other rolls from ebay for approx $2.00 sssuuuuupppppeeerrrr cheap and no shipping. I'm sure there are a million other places to get it from. I chose to use it in a pink shade so it would show up in photos (however it did bleed into the colour slightly so keep that in mind) This product is something you can leave on the nails, or remove like a stencil such as what I've done.

Step Three: Painting the nails
I did both hands like this, however feel free to choose two colours of your own. I'm thinking for more of a winter look changing to a black or a navy blue instead of white. The options are endless.

Step Four: Detail.
I did a really basic design, to be honest this was quite time consuming and tricky, I did it to one hand only (my original intent anyway) I was going to do more of a zigzag pattern but for my first time using the stripping tape I thought I'd do something 'simple'

Step Five: Paint over - BE MESSY
Paint over the tape with opposite colours, so keep that in mind when painting your nails for the first coat, whatever one you want more colour of, paint the opposite colour first. On the gold nails, I painted them over with white and on the white nail (accent nail) I painted it over with gold.
Now I have opposite hands because I chose to do the design to one hand only and I really like the look of them.
I stress about being messy, make sure you've covered all the base colour polish up, its easy to clean up rather than having to go back when the colour is dry and painting a small little line.
Step Six: Remove Stickers
Peel off the stickers carefully (I used tweezers to help me) and then slather on a coat of clear polish to make sure the edges don't flick up and tare. As I said before the pink did bleed into the polish a little bit, but I don't mind, its all a learning experience.

Thats the final look and I hope you like it. Thanks!


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